Who Would’ve Thought It: The Versatility of a Scarf


Let’s get the facts straight: real gentlemen wear scarves. And that’s good news for you, because 1) it’s getting chilly so ‘tis the season to don one and 2) there are so many ways you can wear a scarf that the same one can provide unique looks throughout the week. Don’t just take my word for it. Here are five ways some of Hollywood’s finest rock the scarf:

1.    The Essential: this is the best way to rock a scarf without it flailing around in the wind or having one end slowly start dragging across the floor. It’s also the snuggest fit, and goes very well with a man who means business. This look is easy to put together as well: you just fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck. Then, in front, pull the side with the loose ends through the loop created on the other side. It’s adjustable and provides a clean look. Wear it with a suit or under your favorite jacket.

2.    The Suave: another versatile option allows you to wear this look with a suit or even with a t-shirt in the cool summer months. It’s a classic look that’s really simple to do: have it wrapped around your neck with one side twice as long as the other, then wrap that longer end around once more to make for a more symmetrical look.

3.    The Shawl: here’s a look that’s just the easiest, but you can still dress it up or go for a more casual look (like the one seen here) as you desire. Just wrap the scarf symmetrically around your neck, and you’re all set. Easy enough, right? To add some sophistication, you can cross one side over the other and button up your (suit) jacket. It’ll take the shape of a shawl collar (hence the name).

4.    The Ascot: the name is (obviously) taken from another accessory technically, but it provides the same type of look. This may look better with your top buttons undone (as seen here) or with V-neck sweaters. To pull it off, place the scarf evenly around your neck, then cross one side over the other and bring that same side back underneath, and then just lay it over the top. It’s almost like a tie, but not really. Either way, it can also be made into a tight fit that won’t flop with the wind and add a nice thick layer of protection for your neck and chest. You know, in case you want to ever wear it for practical and functional reasons.

5.    The Unsophisticated: this is the basic look for any scarf. There’s nothing complicated about this, and it shows. You just place the scarf around your neck and loop one side over the back of your shoulder. It screams ‘whatever’, but that’s a perfectly acceptable look these days. It goes great with athleisure gear or just a dressed down look. 

The first step is to accessorize your wardrobe with awesome scarves, obviously. Here are three swanky picks for any price point:

1.    A versatile gray herringbone scarf from Uniqlo

2.    This luxurious navy Glen Plaid version at Bonobos

3.    An elegant (and reversible) silk, wool, and cashmere option from Hermes