Man on the Move: Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Uri Minkoff Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Uri Minkoff Fall/Winter 2018-2019

There’s no place like home, especially when the temperatures drop to freezing levels. But, unfortunately for us, our lives can’t – and shouldn’t – be spent indoors. And yet fortunately for us, designers everywhere are ready to outfit us with the best defense when walking in a winter wonderland: down jackets. Who needs layers when you have feathers (though combining the two never hurts)? That’s exactly the look Uri Minkoff pulls off in this inspiration. Uri is known for his minimalistic style, and in this case, it packs a maximalist punch (in the face of cold weather).

Style Advice: If you don’t live near the equator, then your wardrobe should have a down jacket. It’s that simple. One filled with enough goose feathers that you won’t be afraid to check the weather in the winter months. The North Face knows a little bit about freeze protection, and this option is slimmed-down and water resistant to boot. Underneath that, throw on this olive lighter zipped-up sweater from Schott to add to your warmth and your style. You don’t have to go all Thom Browne crop on your pants, but it should have a slim fit like these from Sandro. Prepare your feet for the elements by equipping them with chunky shearling Chelsea boots from Banana Republic. Complete the look with a functional tote bag that’ll carry all your goodies with this ready-for-whatever version from WANT Les Essentials.

Must-Have: There are down jackets, and down jackets. This is the latter. Moncler has nearly cornered the market on winter luxury, and this is the crème de la crème of the bunch. It’s waterproof and windproof while filled with thermal insulation. And the off-center zip adds the touch of style to stand out. It is quite the investment, but if you’re braving the elements for a third of the year, then this may very well be worth it. If you want another stylish option without the over-the-top price tag, then Belstaff offers a stunning version of its own for a quarter of the price.


Industry Update: Never stop learning. That’s the message Gucci is delivering as it embarks on a three-year academic collaboration with Bocconi University as the two entities form the Gucci Research Lab. That just sounds really important. What is it really though? This unlikely pair is teaming up to analyze growth and performance for companies in the luxury industry. It’s great to see fashion take such an innovative stance on the future. And no one does innovative better than Gucci these days. Sign me up, professor.