Man on the Move: Layering Is A Piece of Cake

Stella McCatney Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Stella McCatney Fall/Winter 2017-2018

It’s been said before that layering is more of an art than a science. Not sure if anyone famous ever said it, but the idea has certainly been mentioned around these parts. And now that winter is here, the time has come for artistic expression. Sure, you can just wear the same jacket every day and probably be just fine. But that’s boring. And you don’t need boring unless you’ve reached Mark Zuckerberg status and don’t have a minute to spare to layer up (if you don’t know by now, he wears the same clothes every day to prevent ‘decision fatigue’). Anyway, fashion designer Stella McCartney, who launched her first menswear line in 2016, already knows a thing or two about layering as she was inspired by her father, the Beatle legend Paul McCartney. If you can’t find art inspiration from him, then you’re making it too hard on yourself.

Style Advice:  Let’s start with the first layer, the striped sweater. It’s a simple, yet classic look that never goes out of style. This Nautica option has a nice contrast with the yellow and navy to provide some visual pop. Then the key to the cardigan layer is to have something that is a bit more subtle like this version from Scotch and Soda, so you don’t compete with the aforementioned visual pop. Mix in some formal style with a pair of J. Crew navy trousers. Last but not least, add in the swagger with chocolate suede Chelsea boots from Ted Baker. And for those on the go, complete the look with a Kenneth Cole black leather duffel bag.

Must-Have: Speaking of cardigans, your wardrobe won’t be complete without at least one. That said, if you want to go for all-star status with a versatile layering piece that you can throw over a t-shirt and under a suit, opt for this version from Comme des Garcon. If you prefer to build your cardigan game by just getting your feet wet without diving in, then there’s a sea of solid options including this one from Brooks Brothers.


Industry Update: Winter outerwear and Moncler are synonymous these days. The luxury fashion label is indeed the hottest line for the coldest months, but soon it’ll have a new creative vision. Its Gamme Bleu and Gamme Rouge sub-lines are ending their partnerships headed by designers Thom Browne and Giambattista Valli, respectively. Citing a change in creative direction, CEO and Chairman Remo Ruffini wants to change with the modern times and develop a new strategy to corner the market on those down jackets.