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Cerruti Spring/Summer 2017

Cerruti Spring/Summer 2017

Revisit the threaded thrills of boyhood. Replete with cargo pants, printed button up shirts in short sleeves and sockless slip-on sneakers. Cerruti in the Spring favors the simplicity of comfort and nostalgia over hyper-extended sophistication. The midsummer rays get far too hot for that anyway. Developing a wardrobe for the three months of consistent warmth does not require the laborious effort that the art of layering does during the official fashion season, a.k.a. Fall. This takes the edge off and allows for a brand of ease in dressing, as we all know that humidity takes no prisoners. Less is more.

Style Advice: We would like to think that we have since evolved from the strains of cargo pants, sorry Mr. Cerruti. Linen options cut well above the knee symbolize chicness and a well-established know-how in sartorial expression. Suit Supply is a touchstone in the aforementioned, as are their light brown shorts in breathable linen. Working in the realm of printed shirts, let us amp up the level of elegance in tandem with pragmatism of being casual. Reiss’ Mccawly palm print shirt, while a little more formal in shape, will emit a relaxed aura when unbuttoned. On the feet, we keep the hues light. A lace-up will transition this ensemble out of the preppy neighborhood and into the throes of well-advised coolness. Laid back suede sneakers, as provided and described by Suit Supply, fits the bill. Ray-Ban’s original wayfarers are the perfect touch to complete the look. No frills, no fuss, all organic!

Must-Have: Sunglasses are an indisputable summertime essential and they come in an overwhelming number of forms. A shape that epitomizes cool and compliments even the most oblong of heads is the aviator. It is a source of accessorized reliability and an enabler of inscrutable facial expressions. When it comes to this staple what is more resourceful than Ray-Ban’s aviator classic in black? Equal parts heightened coolness and neutral.

Industry Update: At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the final destination in global red carpet events, there were four men of sleek style who imprinted a lasting impression. A$AP Rocky, ever the sartorial anarchist, opted for a very traditional silhouette in his handsome Gucci tuxedo and slides. He snuck in a dash of pop the musician is known for with polka dot socks. Lewis Hamilton, the aloof yet debonair athlete, elevated street style in an all-black ensemble replete with a black studded bomber jacket, button-up shirt tucked into crisply tailored skinny jeans and suede Chelsea boots. David Beckham, the object of every man’s stylistic affection, kept it clean and classic in a velvet tuxedo jacket and manually assembled bow tie. The success in Beckham’s very uneventful head-to-toe is the precision of the fit in accordance to his body type. Dapper comes in all shapes if the tailor makes it as such. Lastly, Adrian Brody donned a banal but photogenic suit and spiced it up by employing a silk scarf as ravishing accessory. If the threads did not make one look twice, his inclusion of the scarf surely secured a second look.