It's All in the Eyes!

Eric Von Weber

Eric Von Weber

The eyes are the window to the soul. Not a metaphor, analogy or hard-speculated theory, just fact. What our soul communicates is gravely reflective of who we are as individuals. If we do not want anyone to think of us as disengaged and unambitious sloths then we should take care of our windows, so to speak. Ensuring that the skin around our eyes are rejuvenated, hydrated and energized is an essential step in us communicating all the right things to whomever we encounter.

There are levels to eye care, as with most things concerning self-grooming. The key to success is in identifying exactly what needs to be taken care of and employing the appropriate product for the job at hand. For each categorical skin conundrum, there are corresponding products with formulaic solutions. Many of which claim to be paraben (preservatives) free. We shall count that as a plus in the efforts of sustaining our health across all fronts.

Below is a concise list featuring a select few categories of which require proficient eye treatment:

Skin Tightening: Not at all tantamount to Botox or any other facial feature altering cosmetic procedure, tightening the skin around one’s eyes is a matter of aesthetic maintenance. Application of well-equipped eye cream elicits a painless process. Malin + Goetz “Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer” provides hydration that is restorative by means of absorbent esters (organic compounds often found in fatty acids) of Rice Bran and Soja Amino Acid Proteins. While being rejuvenated, the skin around the eyes also receives the nutrients of which it has been consistently deprived. Who would reject to getting a little face lift without the scars, in the name of refining handsomeness?  

Dark Circle Reduction: This conundrum is visible and vigilant. Dark circles around the eyes are not only distracting but unattractive. Thankfully Kiehls has offered a means to combat such ill-placed hyper-pigmentation. Their “Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer” aids in awakening tired skin around the eyes by way of Hibiscus and Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract. In other words, it is an organic treatment of the dark things situated just south of your peepers. This cream is formulated with a combination of Artic Root – for skin refreshment – and caffeine in the efforts of minimizing puffiness in correlation to the dark circles under the eyes. Nothing is more attractive and communicative of proper grooming than an even skin tone.


Wrinkle Reduction: In approaching more refined manhood it is imperative to tread lightly around the territory of facial wrinkling. While it is a natural occurrence that tags along with age and distinction, there are preventive measures to avoid this phenomenon before it takes shape. To our immense benefit, MenScience has concocted an elixir aptly titled “Eye Rescue” to combatively treat the early signs of aging. With a formula that is light and matte upon application, the supple and firmness of one’s skin is increased while the visibility of fine lines is lessened. This product is effectively working overtime so that you no longer look like you have been. A test indulgence is at least worth the try. Remember the goal of looking 35 when one is actually 50? Well this is the official stepping stone.

Energizing: Not just limited to hangovers or sleepless nights, skin is a source of energy that can be neglected by a lack of consistent routine. In the same way your body needs protein, apt nutrients and hydrations to function in its most effective manner, the skin around your eyes also needs health related TLC to be at its most refined. Anthony’s “Wake Up Call” is a shock safe treating moisturizer that intends to invigorate by providing instantaneous energy to fatigued skin. The brand’s moisturizing gel restores radiance and a soft texture to skin that appears tired. The organic ingredients of Aqua Cacteen and Green Tea are provisional tools of which work to minimize puffiness and inflammation. The inclusion of Menthol as a galvanizer, aids in skin firming and stimulation. While it cannot go to the gym for a proper pick me up, your skin can use a little “Wake Up Call” just like the rest of us. No shame in that.  

The goal is always to uncover novel means to support and enhance a handsome visage. While the application of eye cream is not novel in the market of general grooming, it is in fact uninhabited territory for many men. Fastidious aesthetical upkeep is not always considered when thinking of fashionable masculinity. In order to effectively retain the appealing physicality men of dapper enjoy, minor details like using eye cream is critical. What ends up happening is that our horizons are broadened and our understandings of self-care are expanded. If not for the latter, then what truly is the point? Indulge in looking good with a meticulous properly pigmented, unwrinkled, tightened and energized eye!