Man on the Move: Midsummer Night's Get-Up

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2017

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2017

We are approaching that pivotal moment in the season when our legs and toes are bound to make more frequent appearances. There are sloppy ways to expose our lower limbs, i.e. baggy cargo shorts and flip flops. If this was a personal decision in the past, then sincerely, no judgments; we have all been there. With a degree in astonishing coordination, our techniques are much sharper and more effective this time around. Taking from the master of All-American style, Mr. Ralph Lauren, there is a method of creating a sublime ensemble that is equal parts simplistic and striking.

Style Advice: A striped polo shirt, white cotton chino shorts and elaborate sandals. No-brainer. Massimo Dutti has an impeccable number in black with white contrasting stripes that mixes elegance with pragmatism. Pair it with Gant’s comfort shorts in white and Zara’s backless strappy espadrille sandals and a look fit for a garden party in the Hamptons or rooftop soiree in the city is complete. For the outdoor festivities that go long into the night, a jacket is always a good idea. An MA-1 bomber jacket is as strict an investment piece as it is aesthetically versatile and timeless. Sandro’s construction in cotton with leather sleeve pockets is just the right amount of classic with a contemporary touch. To say this was painless would be an understatement. More like a false statement actually. This was as carefully crafted as any of our other assembleges. The difference is our skill level has been raised. We are reaching the point where effortless is not an overused adjective but a literal descriptor.

Must-Have: Denim shirt as summer night outerwear. To be worn with a solid white tee or tank or unaggressive polo, with complementary jeans or joggers or tailored chinos and an appropriate shoe (contingent on occasion). The fit has to be generous as opposed to body hugging given that it is to be worn unbuttoned with another substantial shirt underneath. If possible opt out of the solid denim cotton wash and go for something with character, such as this acid wash Oxford “grandad” shirt from River Island. For the sake of keeping it classy after dark when the temperature forbids one to do so, a denim shirt as outerwear is an enticingly cool way of looking well-assembled without drowning in humidity-induced sweat. Think of it as a subversive substitute to a cotton blazer. Style on!

Industry Update: Street Style at London Fashion Week: Men’s was a blended display of Savile Row traditionalist tailoring, high street smartness and unconventional pairings (i.e. red button down tucked into white pinstripe drawstring joggers). The takeaway for any impressionable bystander? When in London, dress well. From the avant-garde to the sporty to the trimmed and pressed, every gent of whom was photographed exhibited remarkable precision for whatever aesthetic he claimed as his own. With a few unnecessary snaps in between, the overwhelming majority of the digitally captured subjects showcased style worthy of erudition. Fashion weeks (both men and womenswear) have become new means of global entertainment and street style photography is a crucial facet of this operating machine. The accessibility of the images captured are tool books that work in tandem with magazine editorials or Instagram’s #ootd (outfit of the day). Being that many of the people photographed are industry insiders (editors, stylists, journalist, etc.), with this medium we receive an accredited source of influence instead of generically curated one.