In Krammer & Stoudt's Endless Summer: Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Krammer & Stoudt SS17, courtesy of Krammer & Stoudt

Krammer & Stoudt SS17, courtesy of Krammer & Stoudt

In the brand’s pronouncement of menswear design, there is a crossroad between California cool and New York vigor. Hailing from the West Coast, Krammer & Stoudt breaks boundaries established by the traditional approach of design in America’s fashion capital. This transitional approach can be seen in their classic pin-stripped pieces as it skates between wide leg chinos and Navajo printed bomber jackets, statements of the brand’s Spring 2017 Collection.  

A brand established in 2012, Krammer & Stoudt is formed alliance between the California surf and skate scene, and New York construction.  This shared sensibility created its vintage SoCal vibe. Lead designer, Michael Rubin represents the sweet spot between these perspectives through a relationship between cool colors — navy, sapphire and Prussian blue— and orthodox silhouettes. By a mix medium of classic shapes that identifies the menswear industry and a variety of patterns mingled together this New York-based brand is ready to break new ground on the ways these pieces are to be worn.  

For the Spring 2017, the brand hosted their Collection presentation at Industria Superstudios, on Monday July 11th the first day of New York Fashion Week Men’s. These clothes bring the breeze of the Pacific, inspire vacation travels and embrace fun in the sun. Such an ease ignites this Spring 2017 Collection. Although not explicitly menswear material, there is a relaxed orientation to the clothing— a perspective that streams throughout its bloodstream as vast as the ocean.  

Stripes were a theme that marked trousers, button-downs and blazers. The formal sensibility stayed prominent, and influential throughout, yet a relaxed approached to these pieces laid the foundations for a discovering a new coast in the development of how this industry can start to consider, and imagine design.  

 The journey carried on with a look, styled with Cowboy West button down decorated with floral pattern on the breast pockets. Further embellished by doily details, the statement set a tone for its 70’s inspired look.  The striking details persisted with a white short-sleeved button down. Designed with four parallel pockets and two pairs of parallel stripes running from top-to-bottom. This shirt was fashioned with tropical floral printed board shorts, high socks and double-strapped sandals. The coordination of mixed and matched patterns and opposing silhouettes establishes the brand’s mark on the innovation of menswear.

The Collection’s full navy pinstripe suit — a defining pattern of the collection— created the most formal look one could wear on the beach. The look was brought to a casual tide by its metal pieces: a belt chain and layered necklaces. These two pieces of jewelry included charms resembling a shark’s tooth. The look brought a cohesion to the revealed a high tide of the collection. Its significance identifies a special mark on this Collection.  

As the sun horizon rises in Melbourne, Australia, Krammer & Stoudt captured its gift: a jewelry collaboration with Australian brand Made in Earth. The Melbourne-based brand, orchestrated by Bunny Bedi, the designer and creative director, and a small team, including a gemologist to dig and discover the gems featured on the rings and necklaces pieces accessorized throughout the Collection. With an assortment of metals, stones and crystals made by Mother Nature herself, Krammer & Stoudt advocates regard towards a new trend: men’s jewelry. This collaboration reveals that the menswear industry is still focused on the details, just in a new, and improved approach.

This Spring 2016, Krammer & Stoudt takes the men’s fashion world by storm. The brand’s most recent collection shines attention to the details that dictate men’s clothing by presenting hats hand-made from Hawaii, jewelry cut for its stone, crystal and design rediscovered through the relationship between patterns and silhouettes. Here the East and West collide.  The aftermath places novel concepts to a heritage of craftsmanship and style.