Debate: Blame the Elites for the Trump Phenomenon

The elites of both parties have expressed contempt for Donald Trump, and Trump has succeeded in part by channeling his voters’ contempt for the elites. Does support for Trump reflect an uninformed populism and misplaced anger by a large swath of the American electorate? Or have the elites failed to empathize with their struggles, and failed to craft effective policies to help them cope?

For The Motion: Timothy Carney, Senior Political Columnist, Washington Examiner & Visiting Fellow, AEI Ben Domenech, Publisher, The Federalist & Host, The Federalist Radio Hour

Against The Motion: Jennifer Rubin, Author, The Washington Post’s “Right Turn” Blog
Bret Stephens, Deputy Editor, Editorial Page and “Global View” columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Moderated By: John Donvan