Who Would’ve Thought It: How to Layer Up in Style


You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to know that winter is coming, and it’s right around the corner. Obviously, you’re enough of a big boy to know how to throw a coat on, but let’s review some advanced layering techniques that’ll keep you stylish and warm. Here are three ways you can layer up and stand out at the same time.

1.    Try rocking a cardigan under your coat. Cardigans come in a variety of weights, so you’ll have to gauge thickness according to temperature. The point of layering isn’t to get all sweaty. If the weather isn’t too frightful, you can pair a lightweight cardigan with a light jacket. Leave the jacket unzipped or unbuttoned, but buttoning the cardigan is optional. Unless you’re into the Kanye West art of layering (which is totally cool), you’ll want your cardigan to be shorter than your coat. This look is versatile because you can wear it as formally or as casual as you prefer. Going into the office? Try a dress shirt (with optional tie), lightweight cardigan (unless you’re usually freezing at work), and a wool car coat (preferably in camel color). Heading to happy hour? Throw on a plain t-shirt, a chunky knit cardigan, and a leather moto jacket. You’ll most likely just end up with the tee on inside the bar, but you’ll be better prepared when you head home.

2.    This option is for gents who love to suit up even when – or especially when – they don’t have to. There’s a fun way to layer up with suiting, and that’s wearing a down vest over your suit. Actually, you can wear it under your suit too as long as you don’t puff out. These looks may sound silly in your head, but it’s actually next level swagger that you can pull off with confidence. Try a down vest that’s not overpowering, and keep it in earthy or dark colors. Your warm body will thank you. If you’re not the kind of guy that can feel self-assured with this look, then go for the traditional suit vest, but mix it up by wearing one that didn’t come with the suit you’re wearing. Heather gray suit? Try a vest in charcoal or navy.

3.    Sometimes layering is as simple as wearing one jacket over another. This look may look funnier in your head than reality because it actually works well. You can pair a field jacket under your leather jacket, or a track jacket below your bomber. If those options are too hot for you, then you can try a shacket. Yes, that’s a real thing, and it’s exactly what you think it is (if you think it’s a shirt + jacket). This nifty item can be treated as a shirt, so wear it underneath any jacket you’d normally wear knowing you get that extra layer of protection against the cold. So what if winter is coming? You can tell it to give its best shot (unless you’re in those areas where it dips 20 degrees below 0… in that case, you can move).