Who Would’ve Thought It: A Transformative Take on Tuxedos

Ragnvid, Magus

Ragnvid, Magus

The tuxedo. A cemented staple in a man’s closet. Whether he is of the forward-thinking style persuasion, or the paradigm that sentiments “I could care less about my appearance,” every enfranchised male over the age of 21 should own a tuxedo. When there are copious choices on the market, the question becomes what do I choose and why? In the spirit of style advice given on this platform, let’s break a couple of the rules. Turn black tie affairs, and all adjacent stuffy occasions, into new grounds for sartorial experimentation. With subtle aesthetic gestures, of course.  

If you want to make a memorable statement, then straying away from the classic black tux is step number one. It does not matter which tier of allotted expenditure one falls on, if the stylistic school of thought is expanded there is no telling just how debonair a man can get.

Moderate: For those shopping within the entry level ranks of commerce – but not any less qualified – try mix match suiting options instead of wearing a traditional tux. Take this very luxe appearing double breasted jacket from Zara for example. Pairing it with slim cut shiny trousers will add a sense of rebellion to an otherwise banal look. Placing a white muscle fit cotton dress shirt from River Island underneath the jacket will keep the subversion game going, while adding a touch of modernity to it.

Middle: If you are swinging in the middle, go for some color, even if it is only faintly recognizable and mistaken for black. There are a myriad of color configurations available in Navy tuxedos, and Bonobos has you more than covered. Among their very inventive product offering, none stand out quite like the chambray tuxedo. This is the sort of garment that speaks volumes about its wearer without him having to utter a word. It is the exact sort of impression you want to make, and for those of a more introverted nature, this suit will start the conversation for you. Take it step further and defy conventions by opting for a crisp plain white shirt, like this white Egyptian cotton find from Suit Supply, which is originally meant to be worn under a traditional suit. This will give you clean lines and optical symmetry, as opposed to archaic over-dressed details like a pleated shirt.

High: When investing in the truly high-end it is a suggested safer option to stick with a classic. Yet, it is important to remember that a smart investment does not denote a boring one. Inject some charisma and perhaps controversial debonair in your exploit. Take Tom Ford‘s Shawl Lapel Tuxedo traditional in color defining navy. Priced at a subsequent hunger guaranteed $6,000, one can afford (no pun intended) to play it just ever so safe on this one. While this is a premium at the most advanced level, there is no truly no price that can compromise the handcrafted quality assured to be present in such a garment. When you add a Dolce & Gabbana cotton poplin shirt in black into the mix, you are halfway to a red carpet worthy style moment.

Accessories: For the furnishings keep it simple and within a compact budget. Remember you are not going to wear said accessories often. Do not break the bank for occasional usage. When it comes to all things well designed and affordable, one never has to look further than Suit Supply. They have you covered on a basic white pocket square for the right pop, and a black satin (do-it-yourself) bow tie – because some details are meant to remain traditional. Since we are opting out of the standard tuxedo shirt, we are also ditching the cuff links. Add a strikingly engineered bracelet as a viable alternative. Snag this steel link bracelet from Fossil for a toned down sort of well-polished charm.

Shoes: For footwear, invest in a good pair of patent leather oxfords. This shoe silhouette is a preeminent player in the dimension of dapperness. It will even look good with a slick pair of denim and casual button down for a more laid back gathering or night out on the town. Santoni’s patent leather lace-ups are a stunningly smart option that are ensured to stand the test of time.

The tuxedo is indeed a menswear tradition. However, a man of style’s participation in said tradition does not have to be traditional. Bend the conventions set forth by our ravishing forefathers of fine dressing. Take style into your own hands and let it be a chance to make a declarative statement. Whatever that statement will be is up to you. We trust that you will do it in good taste.