Man On The Move: Bringing Light Back to Winter

Prada Spring/Summer 2019

Prada Spring/Summer 2019

With winter comes a list of traditional outfit choices such as all black pea coats or tan blazers, but Prada’s spring/summer 2019 runway show looked to bring vibrant life back into the chilly weather. Contrasting colors of light purples and blues were evident, working to add a new flair into the seasonal high end fashion discussion.

Style Advice: Luckily enough for the consumer, Prada’s elegant spring/summer 2019 runway looks can be remade with minimal effort. The simplistic, defiant solid colors which the Italian fashion house perfectly implements into each outfit can be easily recreated from the ground up across multiple retailers.

Zara’s Perl Knit Sweater ($80) is an excellent jumping off point, as the 100 percent cotton turtleneck was purposely designed for layer-based experimentation. As to not overcomplicate things, stay with Zara for the Structured Blazer ($100), as the contrast of a mauve turtleneck and polyester light green overcoat will solidify your outfit into the Prada standards of high end fashion.

Moving towards the bottom of your outfit, definitely consider purchasing the Easton Skinny Stretch Chino Pant ($49) provided by Urban Outfitters. Bouncing vibrantly off your sweater, the washed out teal-like color of the pants will help cater to a more pastel-centric look. A more casual feel will be provided to help offset the more serious tones of the blazer while simultaneously complimenting the left-field approach of your turtleneck.

With such a lively outfit going in many different directions, it is best to play safe with your shoes and purchase the GANT Ricardo Derby Shoes ($130). This footwear is not only clean in its sleek design, but its dark colors are perfect for adding a bit more accessibility to the rest of the outfit. Black truly does go with everything, and this outfit is indeed no exception.


Must Have: A staple of winter fashion, mixing accessories such as shoulder bags and tote bags with outfits is a seasonal tradition. To help spice up a bit of the monotony, be sure to purchase Prada’s Printed Canvas Tote Bag ($1,220), as the beautiful red design and interior lining can provide the perfect contrast to the customary all black outfits which dominant the colder seasons. Iconic in its brand recognition as well as its production, this tote bag would make for the perfect cherry on top to any overcoat garment.

The bag itself is made with two leather handles for maximum support, a previously mentioned canvas lining with contrasting red color and a small internal pouch with wristlet and zipper. Made of all fabric and leather, this accessory will be sure to last you through many different winters to come.

Black is always an excellent choice for any season, but the dark vibes of the color truly begin to shine in the winter months. Prada’s tote bag blends itself perfectly into these gloomy aesthetics, but the alluring red lining of the bag itself works wonders to create a product that is not only traditional on the surface, but has set itself apart from other high end accessories.


Industry Update: Starring supermodel Naomi Campbell alongside her mother Valerie Morris-Campbell, Burberry’s new Christmas advertisement campaign brings in celebrity powerhouses such as rapper M.I.A. and actors Matt Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas. Showing off pieces from its iconic collection and hinting at collaborations to come with Vivienne Westwood, this visual campaign was directed and shot by British photographer and artist Juno Calypso. Christmas advertisements are usually full of cheer in their design, but Calypso looked to create a gritty, more realistic take on the winter season through capturing inclement weather and the negative outcomes which snow could bring, such as a delayed train schedule. Appropriately titled “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas, this marks the first campaign from Burberry under the control of Riccardo Tisci, who became the brand’s creative director earlier last year. Towards the end of the film, Campbell and her mother can be spotted draped across a blue sofa, both wearing pieces from the upcoming Burberry x Vivienne Westwood collaboration, which is going to be made available in-store and online starting December 6th.