Turn Up the Brightness with Yellow

The Sun. Lemonade. Beach balls. Dandelions. Some brick roads. Yellow saturates the summer like no other. You know what else looks good in yellow? Style. Not in a Dick Tracey or Wolverine kind of way – although there’s not much wrong with that if you’re into that sort of thing – but more so having a pop of color that will help you stand out (in a good way). I’ll admit, rocking yellow is a bold style move, but here are some ways to pull it off without being confused for a Sesame Street character.

A neon bright yellow suit may be a good option if you’re attending the Grammy Awards, but for most of us it may not be a good investment for repeat usage. But a relatively muted yellow suit that’s slightly more subtle? Sign me up! This Topman version is a bit easier on the eyes, but it’ll still stand out in the suiting sea of blues and grays. You can pair it with other bold items like this belt from Brooks Brothers and these matching streamlined suede lace-ups from Tod's. The good thing is you can also rock those with your gray and navy suits if you’re into the modern look. Versatility is always key when investing in your wardrobe.

Gucci’s bright yellow wool cardigan is certainly an investment piece (yes, it’s pricey), but you can wear it almost year-round. Defend against the cool summer breeze by rocking this over a t-shirt and shorts. When the temperature dips, you can wear it over a polo paired with jeans. Attending a more formal occasion? Try it with a white dress shirt and a light blue tie and khakis. It’s a lightweight fabric, so when you need something more for those colder months, then layer a coat on top of it. You’ll be sure to get more wear out of it than that bright yellow suit.

Yellow accessories may be more suitable for you than a yellow suit. Take this floral tie from The Tie Bar (which can also be purchased at Nordstrom) for example. You can wear it with several shades: blues, grays and whites, to name a few. The floral pattern keeps it fun and modern without being too trendy. Plus, it has hints of gray – a color that goes extremely well when paired with yellow.

Want an accessory that will always go well with that bright yellow cardigan? How about Gucci’s rubber yellow dive watch. It’s playful and elegant at the same time. And for a Gucci watch, it’s not too terrible a price. Watches can be worn every day, so you can maximize its usefulness.

If you're an adult, which you should be at least per the government, then you should invest in a nice briefcase, or something like it. This mustard Burberry bookbag is a superb option to stand out without drawing too much attention. Plus, your colleagues will still consider you professional, yet may envy you at the same time. Double bonus!

The only yellow that won’t pop visually will still help you smell fresh. Jaune by Lacoste cologne is a timeless classic in terms of scents. Plus, the ladies are huge fans. Maybe that’s why it’s a classic. But anyway, top off your bright look with a bright smell and go about your day like the sun is shining on your face.