Top 10 Fall/Winter Menswear Collections

Eccentric distinction, gender obsolescence, resurrecting the spirit of sartorial rock n’ roll and elevating the conventional standard were sharply placed motifs among the menswear shows for this coming Fall/Winter season. After reviewing a few dozen collections from both ingénues and pedigreed masters of the trade, it became increasingly apparent that wearability – however mundane and unexciting – will never be a fleeting dimension in the world of men’s fashion. It is also worth stating that a curated selection of approachable garments is not the antithesis to stylized inventiveness. Maneuvering through further critiques with the latter in mind, below are the top 10 most artistically developed and simultaneously wearable collections of the forthcoming season.

10. Wood Wood Fall/Winter 2017, Karl Oskar-Olsen

This collection focuses less on overly explanatory garmenting and more on conventionally attractive clothing that is meticulously constructed and luxuriously made. This is a collection with deftly designed and interchangeable pieces for the sartorially inclined banker, consultant, music producer, etc.

9. Federico Curradi Fall/Winter 2017, Federico Curradi

For his contemporary display of traditional artisanal craftsmanship, Federico Curradi brings forth a new wave of design that is on the cusp of what is new and exciting, while retaining the timelessness of all that has come before. Men of the less buttoned up professional persuasion can certainly find merit in his flatteringly unstructured garments.

8. Lemaire Fall/Winter 2017, Christophe Lemaire

At Lemaire it was all about the pants. A plethora of colors, fits, shapes, you name it. Bottoms were the striking silhouettes that appeared to be at the collection’s epicenter. More than just being a diverse display of pantalones, Lemaire’s Fall/Winter output was a relaxed presentation filled with options that could have been pulled from a stylish man’s closet. This is an array of clothing that leaves no well-dressed guy incomprehensive when integrating into a working wardrobe.

7. Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2017, Paul Smith

Ever the master in dichotomizing associatively feminine hues on masculine silhouettes, Paul Smith’s most recent effort was a validation of what he does best. His shapes and cuts are ones that any man with even entry-level style sensibility can conjure wearing to the office. The patterns employed are where said man will make his statement and sartorial mark on his respective place of work.

6. Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2017, Giorgio Armani

Mr. Armani proves that being an alchemist within the confines of sartorial tradition is the secret to sustaining an empire over the span of decades. His Fall/Winter presentation featured exuberant pairing such as jersey knit blazers with velvet pants, and neither item appeared to be out of place. For the gainfully employed men who have mastered personal style and are looking to charge forward in how they present themselves, this is the collection to extract from.

5. Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2017, Guillaume Meilland

New creative director Guillaume Meilland preserved the focus on tailoring in favor of thought-provoking. That is exactly what one needs when crafting a new look for the season, reliability. When a brand commits to what has proven to be a success, relying on it as a blueprint becomes tastefully fool-proof. If a distinguished gentlemen does not own even a single piece of Ferragamo, then there truly is no moving forward. 

4. Joseph Abboud Fall/Winter 2017, Joseph Abboud

Joseph Abboud deserves to be in the minds of all male fashion enthusiasts. His most recent collection is astonishing evidence of this. If a man truly has an eye for noteworthy style, then the masculine romanticism imbued in this particular Abboud offering should be magnetic. There is a clear difference between working and owning. In a Joseph Abboud suit, the latter is more likely to be the ensued reality. 

3. Cerruti Fall/Winter 2017, Nino Cerruti

Nuance is a potent tool in any genre of creativity. This is illuminated when it concerns menswear. What deceitfully appears as a clearly outlined means of garmenting is a lot more sophisticated than meets the eye. Mr. Cerruti has a keen understanding of this fact. He delivers a bevy of well-constructed and diverse tailoring for the working man. Being mundane does not have to equate being unsophisticated.

2. AMI Fall/Winter 2017, Alexander Matthius

The youthful effervescence of Alexander Matthius' Fall collection may not be the obvious choice for the polished professional. What it does is serve as a departure from the shackling confines of convention. For the more adventurous men of the vocational set, this is the collection that inspires one to try on an aura reminiscent of boyhood. Just better dressed and way more attuned to self. Certainly, a palette for the casually employed. Or just the clothes one wears to shut it all down on casual Fridays.

1. Berluti Fall/Winter 2017, Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann, a stroke of ingenious from season to season, lends his talents to the precisely manicured legacy of Berluti. Each look is striking and has the essence and tailored finishing that a man of good taste and grooming needs in a working wardrobe. No further pontification applicable. 

Each listed collection includes silhouettes and styling of which communicate to an array of men. In mapping out a distinct sartorial look for the coming Fall, use the selected designers as a guiding light as well as the actual garments to create your refreshed aesthetic. With entities of this caliber, the results can only be top-level.