The Smell of Dapper in Spring/Summer 2017

Jay B Sauceda

Jay B Sauceda

Daylight savings has come and gone – ensuring long days. The weather is still figuring itself out, but nonetheless gradually warming. Technical indications of spring are plentiful. An aromatically enticing fragrance can not only accompany but encapsulate fastidious head-to-toe style. First things first, differentiation. What we are looking for in a complementary fragrance is EDT, acronym for Eau De Toilette. Think lighter, fresher and masculine citrus or herby scents. The latter simultaneously enhances a man of dapper’s aura and prevents heat induced perspiration from becoming body distilling odorant. Finesse with function. For this summer, here are four fragrance choices that will keep it fresh and light.

Spicy & Sweet: Just the thought of black pepper can induce a sensory awakening of spice with an underlining of subtle sweetness. Molton Brown’s Black Peppercorn fragrance ensures a spicy sweet aroma for its user. This is the scent that eases the senses into the still breezy days of early spring. Replete with an amalgam of Italian coriander, French violet leaf, Italian bergamot and Nigerian ginger. This Eau De Toilette balances warm and fresh notes. Think of this as the preliminary fragrance for days of better weather.

Sophisticated Comfort: Rum has a plethora of connotations, most of which are flattering, involve alcohol and a good time. It may have never crossed one’s mind to smell like this Caribbean extract. Yet rum in the form of this Malin + Goetz fragrance is inviting, warm and produces an aura of sophistication and comfort. This scent promises to be a touchstone of pleasant dichotomy, with softness and boldness all encompassed. With top notes of bergamot and plum layered over rum and leather, the descriptors of bold and sophisticated are indisputable. As for it being comfortable and soft, well one would have to attain and see for himself.

Enhancing the Standard: When citrus and sandalwood are blended one can count on an enriched aromatic experience at its most standard level. Easy, safe, go-to. These top notes occur in a fragrance that also pledges to moisturize skin; well now the ante is upped. Such is the proposal of Activist Eau De Toilette form The Body Shop. The woody base notes present will retain the musk and keep one from smelling too alarmingly fruity or hard. A neutral scent for anyone is always the best way to go when the sun is beaming and dampness is par for the course.

The Cologne: All this talk of EDT’s has forced us to dismiss the classicism and tradition of the quintessential male fragrance, cologne. The Sandalwood and Cypress grooming option from The Art of Shaving provides consumers with a scent that will transition from day to night. There does not exist a more handsome grooming tip than the application of cologne. When the fragrance is a handcrafted mix of musky sandalwood (via hydro distillation of sandalwood roots) and refreshing cypress (via steam distillation of leaves and branches), the aromatic intriguing impression will have a lasting impact. This is the mark of a year-round scent that will transcend the glorious days of consistently warm weather.

For this Spring/Summer, the well-groomed legion of dapper men will make a vow to keep it light and fresh. Never abandoning the mechanics of good style and taste, but rather layering on a refreshing aroma with sweet, sustainable and woody notes. The most remarkably stylish men are not just striking in appearance; they also galvanize our senses with their scent.