The Savile Row of Fifth Avenue: Ted Baker

Walking into Ted Baker’s New York Flagship store feels like a recreation of Mr. Jay Gatsby’s closet. A black and gold stairwell leads guests down to the basement of the store, a space dedicated to printed button down dress shirts, leather oxfords and interior printed blazers. Here you find a vision for how the proper gentleman stays well dressed. This focus places the brand’s central shopping destination on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street, the spot for fun fashion at an affordable price. Let’s face it, Fifth Avenue is the one and only iconic pinnacle of shopping; these pieces will prep you for any party.  


Average Price Range:  The average prices for the pieces were roughly $331. In total, everything in store was moderately priced: the average prince for blazers were $500, polos were $86., button-down dress shirts cost $97, the average selling price for a leather bag, $200 and the market price for shoes is $218 . In total the estimate of these items valued under $1000, therefore deeming a small splurge on season pieces acceptable. For in the end, even the festive pieces can reckon quintessential to a simple standard of high class dressing.


The Good: The Good News is that now is the time to buy. The store has a massive sale on seasonally printed dress shirts, blazers and t-shirts, all reaching a discount up to 50 percent markdown off the garment’s original price. Markdown Derby boroughs total to $130, suede driving loafers come out to $104 and silk ties, $58. These are just the accessories. Classic button downs with fun prints range from $84 to $120 and polka dotted and other psychedelic printed polos cost $64. Let it be so, despite the rambunctious sale the store manages to sustain its sophistication. 

The merchandising was jazzy, the music, upbeat and there is a boyish charm to the brand. Plus, everything feels so soft — The quality of the brand can be felt throughout its product. 

Blazers. They are quirky and unique for the details. Interior patterned pieces make fashion more fun. Classic herringbone, check and solid colored linen offer a sharp looking style for the 9-5 job. However, there is unexpected fun in the attention to the details. As is everything lies in the details with menswear pieces, the interior, polyester lining is a pleasant surprise. Glossy prints of a flock of white pelicans and baited fish characterized enjoyable prints inside the blazer.

T-shirts. For those times when your not sporting a blazer, a t-shirt feels the right fit. These short-sleeved t-shirts are soft, light weight and printed — infusing a high-energy complement to the constant excitement that carries through the summer months. In the end, there is nothing better than the feeling of a perfect tee.

The Bad: In an ideal world, luxurious leather derives from a kind, unhazardous rawhide, or in its vegan form, polyuretahan: not plastic.

The everyday messenger bags and brief cases were not strong pieces. The feel of vegan leather felt low quality amid the handle of all other styles in store. They appeared misplaced in a store stocked with tangible quality. The duffle bags and backpacks are considerable alternatives. The travel duffle bag is an ideal size for a weekend trip and in some cases the texture of the leather supposes its durability. The size of the backpack instructs its utility. Its oval shape allows for ultimate packing as the canvas, leather combination creates a unique style. 

Average Rating: 4 cufflinks As a sucker for a good shopping experience, I think good quality should be rewarded with announcement and recognition in the least. Therefore, this retail review deserves a 4 cufflinks. There is a romance to shopping on Fifth Avenue, a memorable experience is expected, it must be upheld.  Floral printed button-downs, suede pink driving loafers and printed interior blazers were the pieces that have yet to escape my mind after exploring Ted Baker’s store on Fifth Avenue.

A gentleman is recognized for his care and his class. In order to find this character within the store, shop in the early hours of the afternoon. At this time you will find impeccable customer service and attention. Otherwise venture in the hours of rush hour and after work splurging to find the adrenaline of fast shopping. It is not as enjoyable. The staff and brand ambassadors, those who live and breathe the brand loose their peppiness most appreciate in this environment.

When all that’s fashion and style seems to be moving towards the digital, there is a brick and mortar worth exploring. As everyone turns their attention to minimalism, Ted Baker stays focused on the tailored.