The Messiness of Modernizing the Velcro Shoe

It is the sight of a monstrous, odd looking creation planted to the ground. Its rubber sole discovered outlandish, a platform, like space man boots, appear as if descendant from the moon. This is how footwear is coveted. Here is a strange, yet nonetheless eye catching shoe style. 

As intoxicating as it seems— its innovation may displace the purity of design. The possibility for aesthetic to trump functionalism, for footwear to become an element of style before an item of practicality is a reality. Such is the case for Velcro shoes in the 21st Century. Sneakers and sandals, slip-ons and oxford dress shoes — you name it. While fashions steps forward into experimental design it looses its even keel, the Velcro shoe is a leading foot into this troubled territory.

The Velcro shoe is a problematic fashion statement. It is an intentional remark, but hardly achieved by smooth cruising on the flight of angel’s wings (top). The new fashion projects an elementary, old school style into high fashion dialogue. Nothing more could speak the future of fashion than this: the modernization of beloved trends that revolutionized fashion. The Velcro shoe is a design that has instituted a resurgence for a style of shoe initially made for children before they learned how to tie laces. Now, Velcro has a new meaning. Its material is used for decorating purposes, to create a design that surpasses the practical into a style that fashions something out of this world.

This is where the problem lies. The difficulty with the Velcro shoe trend, like most, is that it is overstated and overrated in America’s fashion capital. Fashioned with misunderstanding and wrong representation just for its statement.

If fashion is an industry for the people — an opportunity to use clothing as a mode of personal expression, then the Velcro shoe is a failed trend. The problem with this this trend remains within its public engagement. The velcro shoe has gained infinite publicity that it has essentially become exclusive, Kanye West's Yeezus' are a definite illustration. The Y-3, Stan Smiths (middle), Suicoke are among other brands that carry the trend into cult followings. Its fan base is not the issue, but rather, how the style of shoe is defined in the industry. There isn’t much traction in the potential of its expression because it keeps stagnant in one style sphere. That is, an extreme minimalist culture, interested in the exaggerated and invested in the strange things of fashion. The problem with the Velcro shoe is that its purpose within the fashion industry is confined to one single vision. This is destroying its purpose as a practical item available to a greater fan base.

The blessing and the curse is how definitive it is, its has a sharp sense of style, but does not seem to transition beyond. So then, how does one sport the Velcro sneaker when inclined to support the conviction spurred by progressive nature of Raf Simmons x Adidas collaboration or the Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear Collection? Allow a high fashion perspective to ascend into every day life. Kanye works it with his Yeezus. Rules can be applied. This shoe style should not be a monster to style.

1.   Treat them as any other sneaker: Typically put on reserved for deconstructed pieces, and avant-garde, wear the sneakers for the utility of their product, rather than hype over their design. Before style and aesthetic is concerned, a sneaker is a practical piece of fashion, use them the way clothes are intended to be worn. The common misconception of fashion is the fear of its destruction. When shopping, consider the investment: the best pieces are those that allow for functionality without hasten to wear and tear. The reality with the Velcro shoe is that they are made for walking, on new ground in the style game included. 

2.  Simplify the outfit; don’t over exaggerate the other pieces: Over compensating with brand name labels and experimental design is the worst styling choice one could make. Such decisions only summon disaster. Take precaution by matching an outfit to the pair of shoes. For Stan Smiths (above) and Y-3s are stand-alone statements. These styles are not meant for aggressive styling efforts. Keep aesthetic minimal and the unique shoe straps will catch eyes. This pair does not need extra support from other accessories or statement pieces because they themselves offer an intriguing sight that defines style on its own. Simple silhouettes — plain white t-shirts, denim jackets or solid color pullovers, mute colors and soft prints work best to complement the Velcro shoe. Their style is undertone enough allow the shoe to discover new terrain.

3.  Instruct from the nature of its style: Take heed to the shoe’s demeanor. Consider the other textiles of the shoe, color palate and its shape. These are the foundations to formulating an outfit, and will allow one to style efficiently. The basic qualities of the shoe work its way into the final look. The colors must complement the apparel significantly as the elements of design piece together. Does the shoe have a platform? Is it a high top style? Is it decorated in metallic colors, or deep hues of blood red, midnight black and navy? Such questions will attend its functionalism in your everyday life. After all, a shoe is the most crucial detail to a final look. Attention to its details will respect its craft and support your desired look, achieved.