Man On The Move: Learning to Layer

Hermes Spring/Summer 2019

Hermes Spring/Summer 2019

As the spring slowly approaches, so do the necessary wardrobe changes. The looks of Herme’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway show, for example, help display a willingness to layer and work together different pieces for a basic, yet effective style.

Style Advice: If you’re looking to remake the killer outfits of Herme’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway show, you won’t need to explore any further than just a few different stores.

Head over to Zara and pick up the Chino Pants With Flap Pockets ($60), as well as the Soft Leather Ankle Boots ($100). It’s never a bad idea to start with the bottom half of your outfit first, and these burgundy pants and brown shoes will help pull together the casual look you’re going for.

Next, I’d recommend checking out Urban Outfitters for the UO Scoop Neck Curved Hem Tee ($29) and the BDG Core Denim Trucker Jacket ($79). The tee is simplistic and perfect for being layered, and the denim jacket adds a bit more personality to your look than something of a different material.


Must Have: Coming off the heels of Prada’s most recent nylon-based releases, this modern padded beanie comes in a sleek, all black color scheme. The iconic Prada logo designed upon the front, this Italian-made piece of headwear is waterproof as well as fully insulated, perfect for any kind of cold weather. You can purchase the beanie now for $304, supplied by FARFETCH.


Industry Update: Only a few months after Dolce & Gabbana offended many through the seemingly negative depiction of Chinese customers during one of their advertisements, the brand remains in semi-hot water as some question the motive behind the new “Year of The Pig” shirts. The tees have been criticized for being a bad attempt at winning back the Chinese market, possibly insinuating that D&G considers the Chinese market to be “Pigs with money.” Also, the high prices don’t bode well for making a case against watering down the cultural significance of the holiday. Although doubtfully intentional, this situation remains another example of D&G’s inability to connect with international customers on a personal level.