Man On The Move: Spring of Red, Summer of Suede

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2018

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2018

As we say goodbye to the cold isolation in which winter brings us, we are welcomed with a warm hug from the designs of Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton in her most recent Spring/Summer collection. Burton created a wormhole that took us to Rudyard Kipling’s infamous ‘never-country’ and there we stumbled upon Charles Marlow and his crew voyaging up the Congo River. Perfectly tailored to the fit the loneliness of which lies in all adventurers, this not-so-spring-summer-collection finally provides an answer to the long awaited question pertaining to Joseph Conrad’s previously mentioned novel Heart of Darkness: yeah, but what were they wearing

Style Advice: Overall, this season offers the continual sense of sophisticated masculinity in which every young professional man needs to pursue for his apparel, while also complimenting modern ascertainments pertaining to the world of menswear. While Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton fixated on the idea of leather being a usable textile for this season, it can be understood that her idea should strictly be limited to only her portrayal of art via the runway. Moreover, with Topman's correlating Skinny Fit Suit Jacket ($195) and Skinny Fit Suit Trousers ($85), a many of any age is easily able to administer an exquisitely unique offering of the classical bespoke suit in this season's highly anticipated color: red.

DNL's Mandarin Collar Shirt ($234) takes into consideration this season's apparent trend of pleated bibs distributed across the classic white shirt while also keeping a subtle yet fashion forward tone.

The forever-trendy white low top sneaker design beautifully executed in Wood Wood's recently dropped Alex Shoe ($180) provides the sense of youthful sophistication. 


Must Have: Along with every season, we are introduced to the new hottest trends that fashionable young men are expected to follow- 2207's Navy Suede Belt ($120) allows just that. Combining two of this season's hottest trends, suede and unique belts, this item will establish you as the most fashion forward man in the office (and who wouldn't want to be him, right?). Produced with fine Italian suede, the belt is secured with a metal buckle and pairs beautifully with tailored trousers or straight-legged jeans. 

Industry Update: The world of men's fashion never seems to have a dull moment (especially around this time of year), and lately the news has not disappointed. Virgil Abloh, the founder of the instantly popular streetwear label Off-White, has been crowned the new artistic director of menswear at Luis Vuitton. As to no surprise, the recent crowning of the king to one of the most important and successful fashion houses in the world has caused quite the controversy within the world of fashion. Being considered a fairly new addition to the fashion business, Abloh's appointing is inferred to be related to the idea of Off-White being so incredibly influential, to what appears to be overnight success, and that the house of Louis Vuitton expects nothing less than his (newly) legendary approach to menswear that acquires beautiful architectural knowledge as well as homage to sartorial elegance.