Man on the Move: The Refinement of Sophistication

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2016

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2016

With the official news of Fall comes a dress code. Givenchy leads the wardrobe into a uniform of formal attire. Navy Suits, sophisticated boots and prime and proper details build an outfit in anticipation for a season to come. The modernization of its time sees an interest in jazzing the details of design through color and blocking and fabric. These features find new interests in an industry that is ever changing with greater public appeal. This fall, seek the details of design for the most unique declaration of style to date. 

Style Advice: Most times, the most striking of statements are the most subtle. The traditional fashions of menswear still stand relevant at the sight of dominating suits passed by the runway for Fall/Winter 2016.

GANT’s Rugger Patched Blazer ($325) is a dramatic statements with various patches of color. To keep it simple, go with a matching blazer and trouser. GANT carries an outfit by offering its Diamond G Travel Suit Blazer ($480) and Diamond G Tailored Slim Fit Travel Pants ($250). Make the pop with accessories to make the straightforward look fashion forward. Lapel pins and pocket squares are added details that will help.

SUNSPEL Men’s Cotton T-shirt in Masonry Blue/Redbrick Feeder Stripe ($95) adds a small hint of purple into the equation. This minor detail can excite a solid suit worn to the office or for a formal business meeting. 

A velvet style boot is a diamond in the rut, and is unlikely to wear in the demands of daily life. The chucka boot, as Oliver Sweeny calls its, Rocca Navy Lace-up Boot ($416) is in the same family for its similar role as the velvet ankle boot. Plus the chucka boot is easier to match with a variety of styles and looks. It can dress a suit and a jeans and a sweater outfit.

Must Have: As the seasons dictate, trends come and go. The best way to test out a trend is to shop its form at affordable yet trendy outlets such as Zara, Topshop and H&M. This season, Zara pushes its boundaries with a Grey Contrast Suit Blazer ($119) This design is dandy way to test your limits with this trend without spending a hot penny with commitment. It will allow you to test the trend for yourself. For with such statements of dramatic dressing, this is the most sophisticated exaggerated option in the current market.

The details of the blazer’s design catches attention by its pop of color. Givenchy Fall/Winter 2016 look turns back to the basics with an added bonus, a pop of color. Orange never felt like fall forward color. Pair in a matching lapel pin to color coordinates.

Additionally, grey is a solid color to wear through the colder weather seasons. Its black collar pop won’t harm any affect on your everyday attire. The colors are easy to match with one another, and will allow small room for experimentation with button down shirts and shoes.

Industry Update: From all the commotion and excitement of fashion week, now in Milan arrives recent news that Dsquared2, a definitively menswear brand started by Canadian twin designers Dan and Dean Caten, will combined this men’s show with its women’s runway collection. Just after Vivienne Westwood announced the similar move with her MAN label, due to see a combined presentation in the new year. The same trend will follow for Gucci as well. In a statement the Italian luxury house claimed that the move was a natural progression towards Alessandro Michele’s perspective on the world today. BOF further report, the changes are set to test “new operating models and approaches brand by brand.” As Gucci sees a unity between men’s and women’s clothing, Dsquared2 sees an opportunity to “ ‘ give the women’s collection more time in the stores.’ “ These different reasons reveal the different perspectives on fashion. Despite their dissimilarities, their decision converges with the interest in unifying design. To say that big changes continue to occur is to take the news lightly.