Man on the Move: The Manicured Efforts of Effortless Style

Hardy Amies Spring/Summer 2017

Hardy Amies Spring/Summer 2017

If a jacket is climatically required in spring, whether at night or on erratically chilly days, a camel hue and cotton fabric are the ideal characteristics. For the sartorial experimenters, a denim jacket (or denim shirt for practicality) under said jacket is a fool proof way to edge it up. White bottoms – whether jeans or cotton chinos – are the visual cue that, contrary to chilling currents, it is still spring after all. Loafers are a storied mechanism of style that will polish any ensemble even if it happens to include distressed denim or fraying T-shirts. Opt out of the traditional penny silhouette and go for a more almond toe option in buttery leather if possible. A look of this magnitude appears basic on the surface, but is a testament to mastery when attractively executed. 

Style Advice: The ingredients have never been so precise when recreating a high-end look. When an ensemble is composed of wardrobe staples, the task is less laborious which gives you an opportunity to pay even closer attention to details. Such as the pristine stitching and coloring in this camel cotton raincoat by Sandro. As opposed to suffocating in the warmth by layering another jacket underneath, take the pragmatic approach and button up this Egyptian cotton chambray frock from Suit Supply. The light blue is the chromatic signifier of spring; we are wearing a camel raincoat after all. Slim fit jeans help achieve the fitted look and are forgiving and breathable. Grab a pair in white from Michael Kors as a starting point. Once they improve the hot weather wardrobe, snagging a few more pairs may be in order. For a slip-on loafer with a concise almond shape, Del Toro’s pick in quilted Nappa leather is premier. This is the neck-to-feet get up a man of dapper dons when he is inclined to show that adept style is all in the details.

Must Have: Festival style, when done at a premium taste level, should not be limited to grassy dance tones. Sartorial aces featured at the likes of Coachella, Panorama and EDC can translate handsomely to the streets. One such style trope is floral printed shirts. Not just for subversive, or rather subcultural, dandyism, this item is a flexing of the stylistic muscle when worn with confidence and purpose. For early spring, silk is the optimal fabric, but as the temperature and coupling humidity rises, cotton and linen will take its place. A button up in gardenia print with a revere collar from River Island is a dashing starting place. Dress with pastel hued joggers and cup soles, or light washed denim and loafers. Either pairing will elicit admiration and quite possibly inspire onlookers, because we make it look so easy!

Industry Update: On April 13, Gucci rolled out its pre-fall campaign for women’s and menswear, created, directed and styled by Alessandro Michele and art directed by Christopher Simmonds. Featured are funky, soulful, energetic, agile and beautiful young black people. Exclusively. The shockwaves were prematurely sent throughout the industry, and abroad, when the casting tapes were leaked on Gucci’s Instagram back in January. Whether this is just a vapid ploy for Gucci to attain applause for employing “diversity,” or if it is a genuine mode of creative expression, or if it is an unhealthy balance of both, has been up for highly contentious debate. What is key in this case is the effort was made and the feature has materialized. Irrespective of personal reconciliations and pondering on the matter, a major fashion house featuring an entire cast of color (in this case all black) for an international campaign is of gargantuan magnitude. It is not to be ignored. The rippling effects of this is to be further contended with. To its credit, this is a bold choice that exhibits the exact kind of fashion-forward thinking that has guided the brand to a revamped success since Alessandro Michele took the reins 2 years ago.