Man on the Move: The Gates of Grunge

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2017

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2017

Chainmail and gunmetal silver accents are not for the faint of heart. Neither is fashion at its most potent. If there is a recurring motif for this entity of sartorial guidance, it is that of embracing risk and seeking uncertain terrain in the name of great style. Showcase bare arms in a tank with an ostentatious print or unconventional material. Wear your pants looser on the legs and throw those on with obscurely designed sneakers. In remodeling this silhouette, it is instrumental that one chooses details that visually explicates the complexly appealing and intriguing breadth of one’s personality. No pressure, though!

Style Advice: We did not actually think we would find a champagne chainmail embellished tank on a graphic printed tee budget? Zara has us covered with an interesting image on a black t-shirt that will garner a comparable level of admiration. One could not feasibly wear semi-unflattering pants on the streets and truly think he is possessing imitable style. COS is a destination for unconventional construction with a palatable and wearable execution. Take these relaxed trousers for example. Classically subversive, and cropped to remain on trend. Footwear may be the final frontier, but in the lane of comfort and sustainability it takes sharp precedence. Venturing into entry level luxury Tods has attractive and understated sneakers. Just the finishing touches with a nod of subtlety and pre-planned mastered styling of which we have worked diligently to ascertain.  

Must-Have: Good looking trainers. No, not the ones with the abs and tightened glutes. Sneakers meant to be worn solely in the gym have become a reliable resource of comfort while remaining in style. The Nike Air Huarache’s in white are always in good form and will bond smoothly with sweatpants and tailored bottoms alike. In searching for ways to reboot one’s style while giving working feet a break, trainers take sharp precedence over more traditional footwear options. Plus, they are super affordable and last forever, if one is good to them!

Industry Update: The reboot of Reebok and the art of enlisting Hip-Hop heavyweights to infuse new life in a disregarded brand. The footwear entity has long been a staple within the urban style sensibility and is now utilizing the acclaimed faces of the new generation, such as Teyana Taylor, Future, Kendrick Lamar and most recently rap duo Rae Sremmurd. The latter possess just the considerable amount of electric energy needed to implant Reebok classics into the streetwear obsessed fashion zeitgeist of the insta-generation. The strength of collaborations is irrefutable and musicians like Rae Sremmurd emit an essence of cool that brands like Reebok are continually tapping into.