Man on the Move: Seasonal Sensations in Monochrome

Paul & Joe Spring/Summer 2017

Paul & Joe Spring/Summer 2017

Monochromatic is not an adjective but a noun. It is an action that requires sharp instinct and an extensive creative repertoire. Not for apparel amateurs or the sartorially misguided. Paul & Joe exhibit the beauty of monochrome at its most premier. From neck to feet their selected look from Spring/Summer 2017 is perfection. Understated style is best with a foundation of educated effort. For those of us who pay close attention to our means of inspiration, we can claim well developed erudition. In the case of taking on the power of monochrome, effort may as well be a walk in the park!

Style Advice: Without an extended spiel let us get into the recreation. The color theme of powdered blue is striking, neutral and a bold choice for men’s styling. Therefore, it must be remodeled. A solid, muscle fit, ribbed knit polo from River Island in light blue serves as a conventionally good looking base. The flattering nature of the fit is guaranteed and there is no confusion regarding how it can integrate into a working wardrobe. Next, we will play it a little more traditional on the bottom with Gant’s periwinkle toned stretch trousers in American prima cotton. Being patriotic and dashing all in one bill, certainly not a bid for the ingénue. Lastly, the footwear is the piece that ties it all together. Instead of opting for a solid number, this is where we take a page out of Paul & Joe’s manual and incorporate a pattern to inject excitement in our astutely curated ensemble. That injection is Zara’s take on the Gucci sneaker trend in white floral embroidered plimsolls. Still in confinement with the color theme but speaking a language all its own. To avoid being too bare, a backpack in navy cotton canvas from Herschel is a sufficient closing piece for this infinitely re-wearable neck to feet.

Must Have: A waist length jacket is the re-surged and storied piece of the season. Polish one’s dapper in lightweight, fitted and cropped outerwear. There are many iterations to play among, including military silhouettes, mechanics’ uniforms or even custodial cuts. If a man of dapper can do anything he can certainly make a blue collar frock a source of spectator envy. COS has got it covered with their utilitarian flap pocketed zip up jacket in a rich deep indigo. While the options may be endless, starting as pragmatic as possible is the key to longevity.

Industry Update: Event themes are often loathed and taken in moderate consideration. This fact is comprehensive and deserving of empathy. We have all been there and we have all done that. Contrarily, when the event is the Met Gala and the theme is paying homage to the genius that is Rei Kowakubo at Comme Des Garcon, theme is not exactly optional or up for loose interpretation. The women at this year’s most coveted fashion event dropped the ball in substantive percentages. Conversely it was the men who stayed true to the outlandish and inventive crux of Kowakubo’s imaginative garmenting. Or as true to the spirit of the unconventional as red carpet menswear would allow them to. Highlights included Wiz Khalifa in white and black piping, Sean “Diddy” Combs in oversized suiting, Rami Malek in a bold dose of red, Jaden Smith in heels, rapper Future in a tailcoat and navy satin pussy bow blouse and Michael B. Jordan in Ralph Lauren’s predated but still impactful plaid.