Man On The Move: Real Men Wear Pastels

Ovadia & Sons, Spring/Summer 2018

Ovadia & Sons, Spring/Summer 2018

As the rest of New York slowly began to dip its feet back into the warmth of all the sun faded pastels showcased thus far, Ovadia & Sons couldn't seem to withstand their nostalgia for those dusty toned palettes and thus proceeded to cannonball into the season whilst splashing all who were around with light pastel hues as well as simultaneously evaporating the torridity of the sun; thus leaving us with the refreshingly filial fabrications seen widely throughout this season's runways.

Unconventional men’s blazers will forever impose a sense of classical poise, which is a necessity for any man to possess during any occasion, whether it be a day at the office or a night out on the town. With more designers beginning to redistribute them amongst their collections, blazers can now be considered the garment leading the world of men's fashion into the inconspicuous shift from streetwear into casual attire.

Style Advice: Testing the boundaries of “gendered-clothing”, men’s fashion trends took a bizarre turn this season. It seems as if every designer felt destined to leave the generic behind and proceeded to drive off into the sunset in search of something with a bit more individuality.

Modern luxe blazers offer men the ability to be presumed as both sophisticated and intellectual, establishing the wearer a definite ego boost derived of unprecedented tailoring, premium fabrications, and dexterously executed visions from designers. While providing sartorial refinement an everyday ease, Paul Smith's mid-fit slate blue buggy-lined cotton-linen blazer ($595) is constructed from an upholstered lightweight cotton-linen blend and is beautifully topped-off with a notched lapel of wool collar lining and navy buttons. Staying loyal to this season’s trends, of course, this blazer is designed for a mid-fit cut, offering vast flexibility and luxurious comfort. Straight-leg pleated options provide more traditionally-masculine, classic silhouettes of which will always be of the utmost elegance; therefore, pair your new blazer with the label's matching trousers, Paul Smith's mid-fit slate blue linen-blend chinos ($225).

Everyone and their grandmas seem to be running the streets with their new Hawaiian shirts. Normally an ocean of blacks and grays, Paris and New York were now basically luau parties based on the nerdy-opulent men seeming to have a different Hawaiian shirt for every day of the week. Alluringly executed, loveless' palm leaf print shirt ($214) is constructed of 100% breathable cotton and provides a slim-fit cut and a pointed collar that leaves the wearer with a subtle, yet cunning reference to one of this season's most popular trends. Apparently, the sunset of which the designers were driving into was located in Hawaii. 

Tommy Bahama's taza fronds driving shoe ($130-$170) serves as a conclusion to the effortlessly elegant ensemble every man should have in his closet (especially this season). Constructed from woven leather, this driving shoe features a contrasting color palette of beige and light brown which marks the current trend of color blocking. 


Must Have: The double-breasted blazer has recently been proving its infinite reputation of being a key ornament in business casual attire due to its parade of illustriousness when continuing to maneuver its way into out-of-the-office ensembles, how it seems to create an endless sense of imagination amongst tailoring, along with providing contemporary ascertainment's such as over-sizing and adorned accents. FLYNT's classic fit jersey double breasted sport coat ($316) offers a sophisticated element to a timeless wardrobe. This specific garment is constructed from a cotton-wool blend and features peak lapels, structured shoulders, pockets, and a subtle plaid fabric; thus, pairing handsomely with straight-leg wool trousers. 

Industry Update: Men’s footwear has finally begun to steer away from hype-name sneakers and enter the era of shoes retaining legitimate fashion. Consummating the balance between contemporary outlines and high-performance attributes whilst emerging all of this season’s trends into one element, Lanvin’s Spring 2018 footwear collection keeps enhancing the statement of modern functionality. The men’s 'Diving Sneaker' is available in high and low top versions and features simplistic outlines in contrast with fluorescent accents. Constructed of a fine leather and techno neoprene combination, the shoe’s avant-garde aesthetic is assimilated with its execution of sportswear all whilst still offering the classic Lanvin sole. The overall collection of sneakers is fulfilled with the neutral, sun faded color palettes of which embrace the chic simplicity that consumes one’s summer mindset. Lanvin’s shoes can be purchased at any of the brand's retail stores, through the store’s online website, and multiple well-known high-end luxury apparel websites.