Man on the Move: Pleasantly Down to Earth

Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments

Pairing a hoodie with shorts represents a casual, laid-back style. There’s something about that off-duty look that seems so enjoyable. After all, what is style if we can’t enjoy it? Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld once said, “I’m a very down-to-earth person, but it is my job to make that earth more pleasant.” That’s the epitome of Engineered Garments’ collections: pleasantly down to earth.

Style Advice: This style move starts with the piece de resistance, which in this case is the patterned hoodie, like this one from Etro. The graphic patterns will be an attention grabber for sure, so you’ll want to tone down the rest of the outfit with a bit more subtlety. For instance, underneath the hoodie, you have plenty of stylish options to choose from. Just make sure you go with a color that’s somewhere in your powerful hoodie so it’ll blend in well rather than compete with each other, like this sleek navy henley from Hugo Boss. Keep with the down-to-earth theme and mix in these J. Crew dotted navy shorts with your other blues. The monochromatic focus will ensure your outfit is simple and clean without being too bold or too uncoordinated. You can break from the blues with your accessories, including a fun pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and a functional backpack to carry all your goodies (like when you’re going to the beach). Beach or no beach, you’re set for whatever the day brings with versatile footwear like these luxurious Birkenstock suede sandals.

Must-Have: Trucker hats were all the craze many seasons ago, but now that the dust has settled, these practical dome protectors are fashionably here to stay. Gucci – fashion’s trendiest label – makes quite a few versions, so you know it’s a hot ticket item. Casual never felt so good. If its price tag doesn’t happen to feel good, then Y-3 has an awesome version of its own that still oozes style.

Industry Update: Louis Vuitton just dove into the smartwatch game, and these sexy time pieces are sure to fly off of the shelves. At over $2,500 a pop, it’s certainly a luxury accessory. But if you’re a designer fashion techy that wants to stand out in the crowd without caring how much it costs to do so, then these are for you. The bands have traditional Louis Vuitton patterns, while the watch face is bold and vibrant. High-end designers are rapidly jumping on this smartwatch train, but Apple is still by far the industry leader. And at roughly half the price, the Hermes x Apple collaboration looks like a steal compared to the LVs. Are any of these enticing enough to get you to pull the trigger on a designer smartwatch? Only time will tell.