Man on the Move: Modern Minimalism

Simon Miller Spring/Summer 2017

Simon Miller Spring/Summer 2017

Minimalist designer Rick Owens recalls getting asked why he prefers “monochromatic clothes; the reason is that I'm thinking in proportion to the world. In this room, your head is going to look so much more interesting if it's on a monochromatic column.” The idea is that style should not be dominated by tiger patches or skater logos, but rather from the top to bottom look including the exquisiteness of the actual person wearing them. After all, the clothes don’t make the man. Simon Miller’s collections reflect a similar sentiment. It's modern, comfortable, natural vibe is all about the man behind the outfit.

Style Advice: Miller’s look is based on a creamy, earthy tone which lends credence to its natural vibe. What’s unique about monochromatic looks is that you’ll fit in and stand out at the same time. Unless you go with an all pink look (which you shouldn’t… ever), you’re going to be safe with this style, but you’ll also draw well-warranted (thus, wanted) attention. Another plus about this style is that you can nail the look at any price point. The foundation for the layered look is the long sleeve tee like this comfortable choice from Mango. When layering a T-shirt over this, a slim fit option won’t look right, so opt for a looser-fitting tee similar to the milky white version from H&M. Likewise, the pants have a more baggy profile like these from GAP; but in this case, a slimmer option is acceptable if you’re into the Kanye West look. Zappos carries these stone canvas sneakers that’s icing on the monochromatic cake. Let the grunge look rock through natural wear and tear rather than keeping them pristine all the time. Complete the look by sporting contrasting black shades from Oakley. 

Must-Have: Style doesn’t stop at your wardrobe. Traveling in style is a must for any jet setter. Going for a quick getaway? How about a day trip? Backpacks are a very functional option and now all major designers have them in all shapes and sizes. And they aren’t just for back to school season anymore. Sure, you can go basic with an all-black leather option, but why fit in when you were born to stand out in style? This throwback dinosaur option from Saint Laurent will make you feel like you’re at the top of your fashion class. For a more affordable option, this practical version from The North Face has all the bells and whistles. School is now in session.

Industry Update: Who doesn’t like Top 10 lists? This one’s right up our alley: The top 10 hottest brands in the second quarter of 2017, per The Business of Fashion & Lyst. It’s no surprise that Gucci takes the top spot, as it is widely considered to be the hottest label around the past few seasons. Vetements, which took first place after the first quarter, dropped three spots. Givenchy, Valentino, Prada and Fendi all shot back up to the top 10 after being off the list completely in Q1. That’s a good sign for luxury brands and consumers alike. The rest of the list is made up of other athleisure/streetwear brands like Yeezy and Y-3 (both sub-brands of Adidas), and Nike. What’s your favorite brand of 2017? Comment your thoughts below!