Man On The Move: Keeping it Simple

Hermes Spring/Summer 2019

Hermes Spring/Summer 2019

Sometimes simple is best as Hermes spring/summer 2019 runway show focused on keeping its efforts concentrated to what always works. Luckily for the consumer, this means any outfit made by the iconic brand during this time could be recreated on a much smaller, but equivalent scale.

Style Advice Although a very pleasant outfit, Hermes’ spring/summer 2019 runway looks can actually be very easily recreated. The pieces are bare and basic, and it only takes a small amount of touch to work them all together.

Start with the UO Waffle Foundation Thermal Long Sleeve Tee ($34) from Urban Outfitters, as it will provide a solid base to build the rest of the outfit upon. Moving right on to the contrast, head over to Zara and buy the Pink Stretch Suit Jacket With Sheen ($119), as this piece will bring the identity of the look closer together.

Next, stay on Zara’s site to pick up the Embossed Leather Dress Shoes ($110) and the Belted Pants ($80). Both pieces will be the perfect finishing touches to the outfit, as the original Hermes look only needed a little bit of adjustment to be recreated.

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Must Have: Prada recently released this excellent visor done with classic black nylon tooling. Utilizing an elastic headband to remain in place, this sporty accessory features the brand’s iconic triangular logo plaque as well as the bragging rights of being imported from Italy. At a listing price of $280, you can pick up this stylish piece at MATCHESFASHION.COM. It is nice to find a product that fits well into the category of sportswear, but is also a bit more casual and unexpected of the category’s other contemporary items. A must buy for anyone on the golf circuit this spring or maybe someone just looking to block out the sun on an afternoon walk, you will want to grab this accessory before it is too late.

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Industry Update: In the wake of Raf Simons’ removal from Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer position, the brand’s Madison Avenue store in New York City is set to close. This information stems from reports from Retail space closure is not the only after effect of Simon’s abrupt departure, however. The designer founded the 205W39NYC line for Calvin Klein, which is also reported to be “rebranded” after the remainder of Simons’ Spring & Pre-Fall 2019 collections are finished being released. It is unknown when Calvin Klein will select a new Chief Creative Officer to oversee the comings and goings of the brand, but the swiftness in which all identity of Raf Simons’ involvement is being stripped from the brand could be an early sign towards a longer decision process being made amongst future candidates.