Man on the Move: Instituting the cloth of climate change

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2016

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2016

Rising temperatures, pollen filling the air, leaves reemerging, unlined jackets, softer knits and white sneakers: all markers of the dawn of spring. As the energy and overall mood lightens, fabrication and color follow. Before we get too enveloped in floral patterns and incandescent hues, we need to ease into the days of later sunsets. The mix of black with pastel colors, neutral patterns and white kicks, as exhibited in Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, is the most apt frame of reference for seamlessly transitioning into better weather. Both looks presented ascertain an undeniable level of merit all their own, but the ensemble on the right – as it concerns color, fit and attitude – is precisely what a professional man of style should embody in his off-duty moments. Mock necks, cropped trousers and crisp footwear that reflects the absence of color are ingredients for a palatable recipe of spring sartorial finesse.

Style Advice: The formula is never written in stone, but here are some adequate tools for embodying the aura set forth by Sarah Burton’s McQueen. For starters, this nautical inspired striped sweater from Zara sets the tone. While the piping on the pants featured in McQueen’s look book is entrancing, it is for the best if it goes unreplicated. In its place are statement initiating Douglas navy blend trousers from Reiss. The tailoring and design of the latter are impeccable, and can be worn seamlessly with a sweatshirt or dress shirt. When it comes to classic and modern white kicks, there is not a better outsource than Jack Purcell’s plimsolls from Converse. This sneaker has a silhouette that can navigate any wardrobe and will last for ages. Although a jacket is not featured in the inspiration look, it is an item that a consumer maneuvering in still chilly climates during early spring will want to have in his arsenal. This progressively designed and laid back range jacket from the label of all things cool, Stampd, will surely do the trick. Another completed ensemble, another step toward expanding the dimensions of one’s style. All in a day’s work.

Must-Have: Ditch the briefcase, messenger, duffle, anything with handles, and adopt the designer backpack as the ultimate carrier. This is not the new man bag; the backpack has been here for ages. It helped you get acclimated with supply carrying in Kindergarten, and was a symbol of angst, rebellion and identity crisis during adolescence. After college, it seemed to have gotten lost along the way. You matured and graduated to the briefcase for work, the messenger bag for off-duty purposes and the duffle for the gym and sports. While all listed items are still viable accessories, the backpack provides its owner with a composite of the same functioning offered by all three. To avoid the hiker’s look, try this low-key jet black number with gilded zips from Hershel. Always budget wisely when venturing into new accessory avenues.

Industry Update: Trevante Rhoades, Ashton Sanders, Alex Hibbert and Mahershala Ali of Moonlight were licensed for the Spring/Summer campaign for Calvin Klein underwear. This feat comes fresh off the film’s win for the ultimate golden statue (Best Picture at the Academy Awards). The images are captured appropriately by age and personal branding. Rhoades’ physique and machismo is on full display in his photo. Sanders’ alluringly boyish aloof and slender modelesque frame are front and center in his shot. The captivating and heartbreaking intensity of Hibbert’s eyes are the focal point in his feature. The dichotomy of Ali’s larger than life presence and simultaneous laid back demeanor are perfectly encapsulated in his photograph. What this campaign does fastidiously well is retain the aura of each of its subjects – both inside and outside of the characters that made them famous – while introducing new dimensions of their public figure. We see black males as the approachable, inviting and non-threatening sex symbol, as the sophisticate, as the intriguing ingénue, and as a beacon of innocence. Imagery yields power and dictates perception and social stigma. It can drive progress forward, or place harsh regressions on its efforts. The humanizing manner in which the selected cast of Moonlight are framed is exactly the form of representation that diversity advocates have long been demanding.