Man on the Move: Express Yourself

Ralph Lauiren

Ralph Lauiren

Fashion is all about articulating your inner self. After all, transcendent fashion designer Gianni Versace felt “that is the key of [his collections], being yourself. Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” Those are indeed words to live by, especially in the age of fast fashion, which is often just a perpetual cycle of the latest trends. Versace obviously had the right idea, as the luxury brand has now been atop the fashion industry as well as pop culture for nearly four decades now. After all, the modern rap trio Migos made a song that basically repeats “Versace” for the entire song, and it’s wildly popular (hey, it’s oddly catchy).

Style Advice: What can be more timeless (see: less trendy) than a suit? And what better way to express said suit than with one that’s the color of wine (see: also timeless). You can similarly pick up a great option from Ted Baker at Nordstrom. Wear it over a classic black turtleneck – especially if it has cashmere like this Calvin Klein version – and you’ll be oozing with a style reminiscent of a James Bond villain. Finish the look with some serious brogue pebble grain leather boots from Oliver Spencer.

Must-Have: Stay safe out there with all of these hurricanes. If it’s raining where you are – or even if it’s just getting more chilly – one item your closet needs is a hoodie. They are a dime a dozen, but a designer hoodie that you can even consider wearing over a shirt and tie is more like a penny a dozen (does anyone ever say that?). Anyway, I’m talking about this Thom Browne hoodie in all its comfortable yet classic glory. It doesn’t scream logos or brand names, but it does have the signature four stripes on the sleeve – a subtle wink at those in the know. If you prefer to bundle up with your hoodie and your money, then opt for this budget-friendly (though still classic) version from the three stripes, Adidas.

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Industry Update: It’s one thing to collaborate with other fashion designers, but Virgil Abloh – he, the visionary behind Off White and Yeezy – decided to take it to the next level and combine forces with furniture designer, IKEA. The Swedish retailer isn’t all that unfamiliar with the fashion industry after having a previous comedic run-in with Balenciaga. But anyway, this latest and intended collaboration is still being kept under wraps, but Abloh did mention how he wants it to connect emotionally while also being more accessible for most folks. He goes on to say that “design is linked to humanity. You can make the world a better place through design. I was visiting a friend's home, who has museum-level art, like Jeff Koons and Sterling Ruby. I thought, 'What's the difference between this living situation and a college dorm room?' I thought if you make the right object, it can be appreciated by both." Keep designing, Virgil. It seems that whatever you create is appreciated by everyone.