Man on the Move: Express Casual

Lou Dalton Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Lou Dalton Fall/Winter 2017-2018

American fashion designer Alexander Wang once said that he “tend[s] to like the most basic pieces with the perfect fit and fabric, like a simple tank [top].” Fit is always harped on as a key to a stylish look. If fit is the Batman of a quality wardrobe, then fabric is Bruce Wayne, meaning you can’t really have one without the other if you want to kick butt and take names (or if you just want to look good with clothes that last). Lou Dalton – British designer quickly ascending the fashion ranks – keenly focuses on simple menswear looks with top-notch fabric.  According to Vogue, Dalton stands out due to “her focus on fabrics. It’s the kind of considered quality, combined with her modern sense of English identity, which has brought her fans from Japan.”

Style Advice: This is a modest look that is brought to life with pops of color. Start with an orange cable-knit sweater like this one from Calvin Klein. Balance the loud orange with a more subtle Original Penguin chambray blue bomber jacket with matching pants. Chambray is actually a lightweight cotton fabric that is ideal for the spring or summer, or in this case, winter layers. Complete the look with a pair of Lacoste classic white sneakers and you’re at the crossroads where simple meets stylish.

Must-Have: It’s officially winter, and the cold is here to stay for at least a few more months (in most places). One winter necessity is a beanie. These days, they come in all shapes (yes, as in different shapes on your head) and sizes. They also come with crazy looks that’ll get you noticed (as being awesome). Gucci is the king of crazy awesome looks, so if you’ve been nice this season maybe you should spring for this wolf patch beanie. If you’ve been naughty, or want to save your spending for other people (or other things), then GAP makes a pretty good alternative, all things considered.


Industry Update: The Color Purple is not just a classic Spielberg flick (which itself was based on Alice Walker’s novel) – it’s officially Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018. Technically, it’s the Ultra-Violet shade, but either way, it’s here and there are fun ways for you to show support. Purple ties, gingham shirts, socks, or pocket squares are all acceptable, and actually considered basic wardrobe items these days. Purple suits? Maybe if you consider yourself Prince... or at least a prince. If you really want to take part next year, then opt for something unique like this purple hoodie for those Stranger Things fans (if you aren’t one, you should be).