Man On The Move: Elegance of Plaid

Daks Spring/Summer 2019

Daks Spring/Summer 2019

With the spring moving through and the summer on its way, you’ll want to be on the lookout for something a bit more casual. Luckily for the consumer, Daks provided a great series of ideas with their spring/summer 2019 runway show for anyone to take inspiration from.

Style Advice: There are only a few stores you’ll need to visit to complete the Daks look, as the colors stay relatively simple and don’t require a lot of seeking.

First, head over to Zara to purchase the Plaid Blazer ($149), as its an important part of the look that can’t be understated. We’ll find a matching bottom piece layer, but for now pick up the Textured Knit Sweater ($40) and the Dress Tassel Loafers ($100) from Zara as well, helping to round out the outfit with your bright orange sweater and elegant shoes.

For the final bottom piece, go to Urban Outfitters for the Fried Rice Plaid Short ($155), as its colors will be the perfect compliment to your blazer.


Must Have: One of the most expertly crafted accessories of the season, Gucci’s Large GG Canvas Backpack ($2,600) is a fantastic statement. Inspired by the world of hiking in practicality and form, this bag is designed with multiple pockets, a detachable bottle carrier on both sides and adjustable straps. Colors range from beige to red, and all feature the iconic Gucci styled print.


Industry Update: After his unfortunate passing in Paris, Chanel has chosen creative director’s Karl Lagerfeld’s successors. Virginie Viard, as well as co-artistic director Eric Pfrunder will take over in wake of the iconic designer’s death. Both working alongside Lagerfeld for over 30 years, the new duo will be in charge of Chanel’s involvement with marketing, advertisement and events.