Man on the Move: Denim Denomination & the Art of Embellishment

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016

Sartorial uniformity from neck to ankle can be a rather monotonous and disinteresting visual. However, when you take a uniformed ensemble, such as the Canadian tuxedo, and push the boundaries of detail the results can be quite handsome. This denim on denim look from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2016 men’s collection is effectively enhanced by the application of flourished patchwork on the top, and strategic destruction on the bottom. A patterned snap back cap and translucent shades add a dash of detached cool. The burgundy lace up boots and matching belt injects a hardness that offsets the dandy appliqués on the shirt, while astutely complementing the wash of the denim. This is your weekend look, apt for a day of shopping, visiting museums with friends and ending up at a local hole in the wall bar with cheap beer and great music. 

Style Advice: New year, new look! Let 2017 be the year of risk. Graduate from the school of thought where static masculinity is the law. Elaborate on the classic style layouts that work best for you. Start with the double jean ensemble. To achieve the effortlessly embellished denim on denim look set forth by D&G begin with a shirt with minimal patchwork and a dark wash from River Island, $56. Next, pair this with a tapered (not skinny fit) jean with ripped denim without holes in a medium blue wash from GSTAR RAW, $230. Finish this very un-laborious head-to-toe with a lug sole ankle boots in a chestnut brown embossed soft Nappa leather from Massimo Dutti $120. Understand that you will never go wrong with a stylishly updated take on the Canadian Tuxedo.


Must-Have: We know this boot, we love this boot, we own this boot, but let’s take it up a notch. Take a risk. Put a little Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Prince feminine flair on it. Go for the “Cuban heel” and expand your presentation of masculinity while paying homage to the style savants who made this staple item a classic. The YSL signature WYATT 60 Zipped boot in Black leather, $895 is exemplary in the retention of a traditional silhouette with just a splash of feminine. 

Industry Update: The ubiquitous online e-tailer has expanded its reach with a new full figured lines for men. The discourse surrounding discrimination against curvier people in fashion is usual centered solely around women. An often overlooked reality is that size-ism in fashion also affects men. With the menswear market growing rapidly, this disengaged segment of the consumer population continues to be a missed opportunity for many brands. Recently Ivan Bart the President of IMG models spoken candidly about going into high end shops and only being able to purchase accessories and footwear because the garments do not cater to his voluptuous body type. It is worth internalizing that he is not alone in facing that particular consumer experience. With ASOS as one of the leading entities in accessible fashion commerce, perhaps brands of a higher price point and caliber will adopt this business model to improve sales.

Malique Morris