Man on the Move: Casual Elegance

David Hart Spring/Summer 2017

David Hart Spring/Summer 2017

“On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant.” Christian Dior represents the pinnacle of style, so this quote of his is backed by the ultimate weight of credibility. Above, David Hart’s summer look is a perfect visual embodiment of Dior’s message. Colorful. Casual. Elegant.

Style Advice: The good thing about colorful, casual elegance is that there’s plenty of wiggle room to nail a style that’s just for you. First of all, do not wear anything you are uncomfortable with. Hart’s palm tree blazer may not be for everyone, and in fact, it may not be for most guys; but you can get a similar look while oozing with confidence. This lightweight chambray version from The Gap  is something you can wear more often and with more versatility. You still get the casual light shade of blue that goes well when paired with a navy polo like this one from River Island. Accessorize (and stand out) with a fun pocket square, like this one also from River Island. Here is where you can add your palm trees. Add in some nice khaki shorts that can be a summer staple. You can get quality options anywhere, but this version from The Gap is a great bang for the buck choice. Plus, it's made from cotton and linen, so it has a nice texture while keeping you cool in the summer heat. Top it off (er, bottom it off) with these striped espadrilles from H&M that’ll complement your blazer nicely.

Must-Have: Summer time! That means pool time. Which means swim trunks. Over the past few years, swim trunks have become a hot part of the fashion scene. Cool down or bask in style with these fun designer versions from Fendi. You will stand out in the sea of boring, average swim trunks. Fendi’s monster eye pattern is a must-have, so these are a great option for your go-to swimwear. If you prefer to not spend a chunk of your paycheck on swim trunks, try out this floral option from The Gap. These Gucci-esque patterns are now ingrained as a classic style as opposed to a short-lived trend that’ll go out the door next season. Whatever option you choose, it’s time to make a splash.

Industry Update: Can we talk about the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration that’s (finally) dropping this month? The collection looks ripe for several holy grail pieces. Eight temporary pop-up shops are getting set up globally, so try to grab whatever you can as soon as you can from wherever you can. There is pretty much something for everyone. I will admit I was a bit shocked when this collaboration was originally announced, probably like most folks who think of Louis Vuitton as a classic brand that does not venture too far outside of its well-defined circles. However, LV does exceptionally well to not dilute its brand. So, this is a refreshing update that we – the consumers – get to benefit from. Good luck cashing in! What piece would you want most for your collection?