Man On The Move: Vibrancy of Muted Colors

Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2019

Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2019

Weather becoming colder outside doesn’t mean you have to compromise to the moody colors of winter. With a dash of creativity, anyone can take inspiration from the muted looks of Neil Barrett’s spring/summer 2019 runway show to add a bit of extra style to some grey and create a strong, cohesive outfit.

Style Advice: A quick blend of pleasant grey and bright white, Neil Barrett’s spring/summer 2019 runway looks can be recreated with pure ease. From top to bottom, colors stay relatively consistent as we look to pull together an outfit that’s upscale in its sensibility but playful in its palette.

Start with the Basic Blazer ($80) from Zara, as it’ll provide a perfect stepping stone to base the rest of the outfit upon. The beautifully cut grey blazer will help hold the outfit together as we move into an appropriate undershirt. For that, I recommend the Slim Tech Prep Tuxedo Shirt ($175) from Gant. Its clean cut design and soft material will work wonders for a beautiful outfit that’s also comfortable for any occasion.

Moving down, head back to Zara to pick up the Woven Suit Pants ($80), as the grey color will become the perfect fitting match for your blazer and white under shirt. To pull together a cohesive outfit requires coordination from top to bottom, and these pants will surely reach those necessary requirements.

Last but not least, finish off your outfit with the Adidas Swift Run Sneaker ($85) provided by Urban Outfitters. Its slick, effortless white design is an excellent stopping point for your outfit, alerting any passerby to your fashion sensibilities and willingness to create an excellent, matching and mature outfit for any season.


Must Have: Perfect for the winter weather, Acne Studios has unveiled a new range of hand-knit sweaters ($5500). Seemingly inspired by the brand’s nordic roots, these sweaters highlight patchwork based on four different motifs which were designed by artisans from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Although each design is beautiful in its own rite, taking inspiration from the traditional customs of each country, I particularly loved the cranberry colored sweater for its beautiful patchwork and contrast.

Besides the cranberry colored sweater, the collection also includes a turtleneck in turquoise blue and another sweater based upon a collection of traditional graphics and patchwork meant to be a hodgepodge of color.

Each sweater is limited in its quantity, featuring a ribbed cuff and hem supported by a 96 percent wool garment. Wearing any of these sweaters with a pair of black pants will be sure to create a lovable sense of contrast, as Acnes Studios worked hard to design a high end product that is not only a vintage love letter to international fashion senses, but a respectable garment that can stand toe to toe with contemporary high fashion pieces.


Industry Update: Dolce & Gabanna has released an apology video regarding racism accusations, a followup to the cancellation of the brand’s “Great Fashion Show” in Shanghai and being dropped by multiple retailers. Racism accusations stemmed from a trio of Instagram videos entitled “Eating With Chopsticks”, which showed a model trying to eat Italian food with the Chinese utensils. Before the videos’ deletion, Chinese followers filled the comments section with anger and frustration, urging other customers to reconsider who they may be giving money towards. The apology video itself featured the founders of the brand, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, speaking for and representing themselves on camera. The duo discussed the incidents, expressing they were sorry and claimed they would …”never forget this experience, and it will certainly never happen again.” They also added on that they will “...respect the Chinese culture in every way possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we ask for forgiveness.” It is unknown at this time how the ordeal will affect the legacy of the brand, as some customers found the apology insincere and nothing more than a corporate level reaction. As of now however, events still remain cancelled and bridges between Dolce & Gabanna and some of its retailers still remain burned.