Man on the Move: Advancing the Boundaries of Basic

In the current climate of saturated fashion imagery, simplicity is an underrated value. Even in menswear the concept of being simple is disappearing. In many instances men’s style is overdesigned and over the top, look on any street style blog for adequate examples. Michael Bastian, a champion for All-American preppy with taste, is suggesting a return to sartorial simplicity. Not the sort of simplicity that evokes disinterest. The kind that communicates effortlessness on the part of the wearer. Being well-dressed does not have to denote the avant-garde, nor does it have to mean black monochrome. Take heed from an expert: the look presented by Bastian is one that can be shamelessly duplicated. From head to toe.

Style Advice: The shirt on Bastian’s model has a faint grey undertone with a blue tint. In replication, go for a bolder choice with this Gant (also on Bastian's CV) chambray finish. Light grey trousers that look pristinely neutral from Reiss will pair incredibly with the chambray shirt. Keep it no frills on the footwear and slide into these deep camel brown tasseled loafers from Bruno Magli. Now let us enter the accessories cove – not for the amateurs. These Ray-Ban original wayfarers in a tortoise shell will be the style trick of the summer. Instant elevation of coolness, without extensive effort. Push the boundaries of the overall look and add a dapper backpack that will substitute a briefcase but retain the chicness. Suit Supply has a handsome shape in mid brown for a gloriously sustainable price point. This is simple done well. Ease into the days of blossoming floral arrangements and outside dining. Or Hamptons barbeques and yacht party tirades. You know, casual.

Must Have: Trying to avoid the power and magnitude of this trend proved to be a futile cause. When styled appropriately, track pants can be quite the ravishing centerpiece to a quality look. The secret is in the styling. In place of wearing this storied item out of its traditional athleisure context, or unforgivably dressed up with a blazer, style it somewhere in the middle. Worn with a crisp button down or knitted T-shirt, bomber jacket and plimsolls can be a captivating and effective ensemble. The basic ingredient for success with track pants is to make sure the pair one owns is not gym ready, but of a more tailored silhouette. Stray away from the sportswear brands and lean toward ready-to-wear entities. Go for the standard with this number with piping from Sandro, or be a nonconformist with a cropped drawstring option from Vince. Either will keep you updated and trendy without being too ephemeral. We never want to acquire anything we will not wear two or three years from now after all!


Industry Update: Fast fashion behemoth H&M is planning to launch a new concept store called Arket. Offering standard products for men, women, children and décor, this entity will be one of the first of its kind. To lock in the concept of a hub for full lifestyle, Arket will also feature a café in select locations. The premiere brick and mortar is set to open in London on Regent street sometime this year, and will eventually permeate the European market. The U.S. is a centerpiece in the global economy and this is the terrain that essentially all prosperous businesses must cross for expansion. For a concept like Arket to exist anywhere in the world is formidable news for those of us who love fashion and are constantly searching for outlets to indulge. In the same way that COS (another subsidiary of H&M) is higher priced, more premium quality and focused on perennial design, Arket is slated take it a step further. The latter mission is certainly worth waiting for.