Man On The Move: A New Kind of DayWear

N°21 Spring/Summer 2019

N°21 Spring/Summer 2019

From upscale to casual, N°21 worked hard this season to bring looks that helped showcase a very simple, but effective theme of daywear. Working in colors of brown with bright graphic tees, the charm of N°21 can be put together without much complication.

Style Advice: Luckily for the consumer, the bold looks of N°21 can be recreated without too much hard work. A few brushes of brown with a simple graphic tee is all that’s needed to rework this outfit, as its business casual sensibilities seem clear.

Start with Zara’s Textured Weave Suit Jacket ($199) as it’ll work to become the perfect base upon which to build the rest of the outfit. Be sure to leave the jacket open, as you’ll want to show off your graphic tee and pull the rest of the look together. The graphic tee can be whatever you want, as it’s meant as nothing more than a bit of contrast, but I would recommend H&M’s Cotton Jersey T-Shirt ($18), which can be swapped out for a few different music groups.

Moving down, be sure to pick up the Cropped Texture Weave Suit Pants ($60) from Zara in the same color as your suit jacket. The loose legs of the pants will work well to flow with your open suit jacket.

Last but not least, pick up the Birkenstock Arizona Sandal ($40) from Urban Outfitters. Pretty much the nail in the coffin for calling this look casual, these sandals will be sure to lighten up the mood of your outfit and pull the entire piece closer together.


Must Have: There’s nothing better than a warm sweatshirt in the freezing cold, especially one that’s as stylish as it is practical. A personal favorite of the sweatshirts I’ve seen this season, purchase the Gucci Sweatshirt with Chateau Marmont Print ($1100). A beautiful wave of white with strokes of red color, this sweatshirt features Pan, the mascot of the iconic hollywood hotel. The figure is a half man/half beast Greek god, originally appearing in the Chateau Marmont’s courtyard. The back of the sweatshirt itself features a beautiful floral bouquet, inspired by Gucci’s historic flora motif. It’s always great when high end brands fuse with local historic landmarks, as this Gucci sweatshirt is sure to provide a subtle history on each side of the collaboration.


Industry Update: Only a day before the brand’s pre-fall Metier’s d’Art show, Chanel announced it will “no longer use exotic skins in our future creations.” Animals falling under this recent ban include lizards, crocodiles, stingrays, snakes and any other exotic skins which may have been used for the manufacturing of the Parisian brand’s products. It has also been noted that Chanel will cease production on furs, of which the brand puts little focus upon anyway. Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion, cited the reduction of exotic skins as a result of the increasing difficulty which has been met towards not only sourcing skins that are of high enough quality, but also match the brand’s contemporary stance on ethical standards. Chanel said in the same statement that, “We are continually reviewing our supply chains to ensure they meet our expectations of integrity and traceability,”  It will take some time for the exotic skins to work themselves out of Chanel’s distribution networks, but no further development on future products involving exotic skins will be created. This decision comes as little surprise, as the high end fashion world has recently been making the move toward more morally sound and modern business standards, such as Burberry pledging to stop burning unsold goods and Coach’s personal promise to cease fur production by 2019.