L’Occitane’s Wintertime Facial Remedy


As the freezing cold rolls in, so does dry skin. You may notice your face start to tighten up and flake, and you’ll be on the lookout to find an oil based protection to help comfort your features as they fight against seasonably uncomfortable weather. You may have already chosen a few different slick outfits for the winter weather approaching, but it is important to remember that taking care of your face remains crucial year round, especially during seasons as significant as this.

This winter (or really whenever you could use a little facial comfort), let L’Occitane’s Shea Face Comforting Oil give you an extra boost before you head off to sleep. This methodical formula works for even the most sensitive skin, enriching the user with shea (5%) and marula oils, working to nourish and help the skin regenerate by strengthening its natural barrier function.

It’s worth pointing out the severity of how much you’ll want to support your face in the winter months, as Everyday Health suggests that, “dry skin is especially common in the winter months, when the humidity level outside drops. When the air outside is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly; this makes your skin feel dry and tight, and makes it look flaky.”

Your skin actually loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture in the winter, so it is critical to be on the lookout for a product that can help offset some of those issues, especially for users with very dry skin. A human body can only do so much by itself, so it would be wise to help give yourself a nice boost whenever possible.

With a brand known for often high customer satisfaction like L’Occitane, the $69 price tag for this 30mL bottle is definitely worth the cost. When it comes to subjects as important as your complexion, there really should be a carte blanche mentality to purchasing self care. You can use this comforting oil during the day or night, but you’ll definitely want to put a few warm drops of the oil into the palm of your hand and apply it to your face and neck. Since skin repair is most active during night, I’d recommend applying this before bed rather than in the morning.

One of the reasons I found myself gravitating towards this oil is the combined ease of use with its familiarity to my comfort zone. No steps are required that are any different than products you may already be using, so it’s a quick swap to try out something new (and you’ll surely find achievement of much better results). 

It’s great to be able to own a product that can not only be used every season, but specialize during a particular one for maximize effectiveness. Whether you plan on going for a walk around the city or something a little more involved like heading off to a party, a quick apply of this the night before will be sure to have you looking in more than presentable condition.

So go ahead and treat your face as well as your outfits this winter. Being able to use this oil in the privacy of your own home at night is a lucky treat, and you should be sure to make it a part of your new nightly routine as the weather makes you drier and drier.