La Prairie Pioneers a Rejuvenating Cream

Gentlemen, caviar is not just an elegant light bite at an exclusive conclave. It is also a tool that can refine handsomeness. Take La Prairie’s Luxe Cream, a product infused with caviar extract that promises to lift skin, ensure firmness, improve elasticity and refine texture. In addition to giving one’s face a youth-retaining appearance, it also moisturizes below the surface of the skin for both visual and physical enhancement.

Recommended application of the cream – on the face and neck – is twice a day. Ardent reviewers have attested to tangible differences in skin texture, i.e. softness, luminosity and a matte finish. The cons have been sourced as follows: the overpowering scent (good or bad is of personal opinion) and the exorbitant price (at $450 for 50 milliliters and $800 for 100 milliliters).

The elements that produce the promoted effects, in tandem with the caviar extract, are carefully composited proteins and vitamins known for energizing. Ingredients include humectants, which preserves moisture, and emollient, which has the quality of softening and soothing the skin. The most noteworthy ingredient is the Cellular Complex that is exclusive to the brand.

La Prairie’s Cellular Complex is as involved as it is elusive. Specific details of its construction and components are kept under wraps. The promise of potency in all products developed by the brand is based on this entity as it is their “…age-defying, life-infusing science signature.” On a microscopic scale, the Cellular Complex is deeply invested in the reenergizing of cells where “beauty is born.” The reenergized cells are integral in “enhancing skin’s natural renewal process.”

Rejuvenation does not readily roll off the tongue of most men, especially not a thriving man like you. Contrary to behavioral patterns, good skin (as has been previously mentioned) is a primal tenet in the realm of grooming. What La Prairie’s fastidiously concocted and scientifically sound product offers to do is intrinsically enhance skin by improving the layers of its composition. If beauty is skin deep, then the maintenance of the latter is instrumental in remaining attractive. Healthy skin is a form of wellness that transcends appearance and should be taken into considerable account. Let La Prairie be the guiding source to continual self-care.