Hair Care 101



Hair care begins before Rogaine. Maintenance starts with an attention to the trim-cut or shaggy wave, the characteristics that define your very own style. Beware of dry scalps and active oils. How often should you wash your hair? What type of products should you use? Although important, these concerns can overcomplicate the situation. As preparation subsists, keep the routine simple: hydrate and then style. 

The golden rule: change up the product in rotations. Switch up the brand when catching the sight of an empty bottle. Hair molecules energize in contact with new formulas and solutions. This is an elementary way to keep your routine fresh. Test the waters with these products. 

Aesop, CLASSIC SHAMPOO ($29): Unearthed from the oceanic sights of Melbourne Australia, Aesop is a skin care company dedicated to launching products with heed for “plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and use only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.” 

This attention lead to brand’s discoveryof their Classic Shampoo. Designed for all hair types, this product is a great foundation. With amenities including its mint scent and clear gel form, this formula leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and soft at the touch. These basic elements will always remain a starting point for necessary upkeep. 

Recommended use: Brush hair to release captured dirt and detangle hair. Afterwards, wet hair and apply a small quantity of product. Gently massage the scalp thoroughly and then rinse completely before conditioning. 

V76, Molding paste ($21): What defines a well-groomed man? V76 has your answer. Made for those serious about grooming, V76 is a gentleman’s business. This brand is critically engineered for a reinstituted culture of grooming in America. 

Vaughn Acord, the mastermind behind the brand, developed its mark on the theory of a barber’s business. With a celebrity list of clients including: Ashton Kutcher, Tom Brady and Al Pacino, Vaughn draws a star studded following out from an expertise in grooming and a passion for excellence in presentation and statements of personal style.

The V76 Molding Paste equates to the slick style of Danny Zucko in Greece, or suave edge of Leo DiCaprio as the Great Gatsby. Like James Dean, this look is undeniably classic. The beauty of the products is its grip. It holds, stations and keeps hair healthy and in-check! Plus, the product has a holistic list of natural components to hold its case. Ingredients list of extracts including: elm, irish moss, birch leaf and rhubarb. In their distinctive purposes, they work together to keep hair strengthened, and hydrated. 

Recommended use: By means of exposure to water, break down the crème before bringing into contact with hair. Subsequently, with product in hand, scratch the hair back in forth to apply. 

D R Harris , Large Tortoiseshell Comb ($27): D R Harris is a brand of humble, family run beginnings in men’s Clubland and British esteem, servicing the court of St. James and gentry for two decades. Carrying a fortified background in apothecary and perfumes, the logistics of grooming runs through its business’ heritage.

In 1938 the founders — Daniel Rotely, Doctor and Surgeon Henry Harris received the honorary award the warrant as chemists for Her Majesty, the Queen. Recognition continued: 2002 brought the award of Chemists for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and 2012 the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen.  With steep and scaling relevant achievements, these Doctors know how to handle all forms of grooming, from complex to the simple, daily regimes and the unique treatments alike.

The Tortoiseshell Comb speaks to its roots. Although an imitated form of the tortoiseshell, the skinny, fine toothcomb offers a sharp reminder of how to bring classic, old-school fashions into your life. 

Recommended use: After washing, brush and utilize when styling. The tortoiseshell comb is a classic tool for taming hair.