Grooming – Signature Scents


Smell ya later, summer. Welcome back fall. There’s a change in the air, and it’s not just the season. It’s the cologne. That’s right. It’s time to put away the light breezy mists of summer (don’t worry, you can pull them back into heavy spring rotation). The fall and winter seasons should have a thicker, woodsy aroma. Although having one signature scent may sound nice, it’s actually better to rotate through a few of your favorites, and seasonal shifts are a great time to make the change. This way you’ll still wear it long enough to be recognized by your awesome smell, but you get the thrill of shaking things up a bit. For this shift, here are 5 can’t miss colognes that’ll more than hold you over until the spring.


1.       The Classic: Chanel Bleu De Chanel. This was an instant hit the day it hit the shelves. It’s classic, yet has a distinct masculine smell that’ll set you apart from the sea of boring smells.


2.       The One: Y by Yves Saint Laurent.  The new fragrance by YSL is definitely a must-have. Although it’s a crisp scent, Y is very sharp and bold, without being overpowering. From the boardroom suit to the biker jacket, this is certainly a versatile mix of rugged freshness. Maybe it should be called Y Not?


3.       The Newcomer: Coach For Men. It’s a simple name, but anything but a simple scent. Coach – led by recently appointed Creative Director Stuart Vevers – is really fashionably ramping up the efforts of its menswear collection, and now its added this new cologne to the artillery. That may explain why the top of the bottle is gunmetal. But besides its masculine looks, it has a similar style in its smell. The earthy scent is positively trendy for the fall, and as the new cologne on the block, it’s bound to make your scent stand out.


4.       The 007: Dunhill Icon Elite. I don’t know about you, but I would get this just for the bottle alone. It almost looks like a décor item in James Bond’s penthouse. It also smells like Bond (before he gets all sweaty and grimy). This is refined elegance in liquid form. Good luck fending off the ladies, 007. (Aston Martin sold separately).

Whatever combination of suedes and sandalwoods you settle on, make sure you select it because you love the smell and not because of the celebrity endorsements (yes, even if it is James Bond). Try out as many options as you need to get your fall fix ready to go, and perhaps get your significant other’s take on the best aroma. Remember that it’s okay to double dip, but just keep in mind that scents can have seasons too.