Grooming: Clay, Mud and Peel-off Mask

Steve Mason

Steve Mason

Declarative statement: great skin is the best accessory. Under the new tradition of meticulous grooming for men, skin care is a frontier not to be ignored. Developing a healthy and consistent regime is the key to successfully attaining and maintaining attractive skin. A once or twice a week mask treatment is certainly a regime worth adopting. While it is not customary for men to have a skin care routine including more than one or two simple steps, customs are as relevant today as VHS tapes. Just like the clothes we are encouraged to wear, we will continue to break the unkempt and disinterested mold for men in grooming as well. When it all boils down, who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin. Animals, that’s who. Let’s not be animals. Here are two products that can help you avoid becoming one.

At the base of Aveda’s tourmaline charged radiance masque – a non-drying clay mask – is its key natural ingredient: tourmaline. The energizing mineral works to hydrate and revitalize skin by removing lackluster surface cells to reveal smoother skin. This product is non-acnegenic, which means the ingredients infused in this substance do not clog pores and subsequently cause acne breakouts on the surface of a user’s skin. While this fact is not necessarily something that an adult man may feel compelled to worry about, blemishes and breakouts are not age discriminatory. They can occur on anyone at any time. One potential problem with the product is that it induces oil instead of extracting it. This mask has been positively reviewed and highly recommended by individuals with dryer skin types. If you have oily skin, this may not be the product for you.

The copper colored Origins Peel-Off Mask is intended to refine and refresh. This widely well-received product contains ingredients that provide energy for your skin to appear more radiant. It will eliminate the signs of fatigue that are recurrent in unmaintained skin. Being career and goal oriented, and constantly productive – often without much time to sleep – can take a visible toll on one’s pores and skin cells. This attractively copper and soft feeling treatment poses to be the answer to the problem of overworked skin. In the process of doing so it refines pores and removes dead skin cells under the skin. The mechanics of usage are easy as one, two, three. Just apply the mask, leave it on until it dries, and then peel. Make sure that you use enough of the substance, because if it is applied thinly it will be harder and more painful to peel.

Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body:

Borghese’s Fango Active Mud is a deep clean mask consisting of mineral rich detoxifying mud with an exfoliating texture that works to minimize pores, hydrate and instill clarity through surface cell turnover. Surface cell turnover is a shedding of dead skin cells that is necessary to prevent bacterial infection, of which often aid the occurrence of acne breakouts. As you get older cell turnover happens a lot less, and so a little nudge from the application of a mud mask weekly will help initiate this very beneficial skin care process. In further regards to the Fango mud mask, the imbuing of sweet almond and avocado oils ensures an elimination of dullness, for smoother, even-toned, radiant and refreshed skin. Overall, the product is very well reviewed. There are minor complaints or rather specified dissatisfactions, but each is case specific. For example, it has been noted by consumers that there can be a residual tingling effect after use, and that this product is not recommended for dry or sensitive skin. Moreover, if a potential user has acne he or she should consult their dermatologist before integrating into their skin care regime. In all, the general feedback is that Borghese delivers on its promise to make a user's skin feel "radiant and refreshed." Depending on the condition of your skin – sensitive, dry, oily, acne-prone – this cosmetic concoction is certainly worth a try! 

Do not feel like the recommended skin care treatments are too feminine to adopt. Good skin is good skin. All products are dermatologist, and beauty aficionado, tested and approved. Embrace it, and step out of your comfort zone. All in the name of a more handsome complexion!