Fall/Winter Hair Trends


Luxury fashion designer Tom Ford once said “people are sick of trends changing every six months – not because we're tired of them, but just for the sake of change.” What he didn’t specify is that clothes aren’t the only trends that shouldn’t change just for the sake of change. Hairstyles also may come and go, but the trends for this season are sticking with – or reverting back to – the classics. Here are four styles that have had their time in the sun, but are back for more as evidenced by their popularity in this season’s fashion shows:


Afro: This trend has been around seemingly forever and it’s not going anywhere. The afro has a vintage vibe and has been a hit at recent runway shows from Hermes, AMI, Todd Snyder and John Varvatos. Keep a fresh fro with residue-free moisturizer, like this option from Scotch Porter, so that your hair looks and feels like a million bucks.


Choppy Crop: One of the trendiest looks from the late 90s is the choppy crop. Everyone from Eminem to Justin Timberlake to George Clooney rocked this look at some point. And it’s been revived at some of the most prominent fashion shows like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior Homme, Lanvin  and Oliver Spencer. The best part is that it is easy to maintain and you basically just need to brush it forward. You can use some leave in conditioner like this one from Paul Mitchell to keep it smooth and reduce static.


Shoulder Length Hair: The hottest show on television is Game of Thrones, so it makes sense why long hair is having a bit of a Renaissance. Just ask David Beckham, who has gone through just about every look in the hair spectrum (including braids). David’s back to growing his locks out in style (again). Whether you're inspired by Jon Snow or Thor, this style definitely has swagger, and you’ll need a full head of confidence to pull it off – not to mention a lot of time to grow and maintain, it.  This was a hit style on many runway shows this season, including Prada, Emporio Armani, Acne and Billy Reid. For longer hair, you can stay away from the gels and pomades and focus more on conditioners and creams, like this Aveda grooming cream that’ll get rid of any frizziness and ensure the look.


Short Curls: This can totally be taken as an IDGAF look, but that’s just because it’s a relatively easy to maintain ‘messy’ style. You won’t have to spend time trying to perfect it. And if Gucci models are rocking it, then you must be doing something right. Plus, Bottega Veneta, Lucien Pellat Finet and Ovadia & Sons also displayed this style often. Reduce shampooing and increase moisturizing – like with this Curl Keeper styling lotion –  to keep this look from going from messy to messed up.

You can even try changing your look depending on the season. Timberlake, Beckham, Brady… you’ll see guys like this with a new do seemingly every month. Keep it fresh. As we gear up for the cooler months, you may consider growing it out. Whatever style you go with, just wear it with confidence.