Man On The Move: A Balance of Simple And Stylish

Parke & Ronen Spring/Summer 2019

Parke & Ronen Spring/Summer 2019

As the winter maintains its dropping temperature, you may be on the lookout for something a bit more upbeat. Winter styles such as black and gray overcoats will forever be appealing, but Parke & Ronen’s spring/summer 2019 show helped usher in the modern thought process of not only finding outfits that are stylish in a contemporary setting, but simplistic and easy to put together.

Style Advice: A very concise outfit, the looks of Parke & Ronen’s spring/summer 2019 runway show can be recreated with ease. This straightforward outfit design does not contain many moving parts, as only three different pieces are needed to complete the look.

Start off with Zara’s Textured Weave Sweater ($40), as the color perfectly emulates the light, almost oceanic blue which made the original look so desirable. With a comfortable round neck and long sleeve arms, the buyer will not only be dressing very well, but also be treated to an outfit that remains well put together on a technical level.

After the top is taken care of, look to find a pair of pants that help build upon the blue base which has already been established. While you’re on Zara’s site, pick up the Blue Suit Pants ($80) as the slightly darker color will help bring your top to life while also working to provide a little bit of well needed contrast.

Last but not least, finding a decent pair of shoes to go with this outfit is most certainly not going to be hard. Purchase the iconic Converse Chuck 70 High Top Sneaker ($90) provided by Urban Outfitters for something a little more casual which will help ground your outfit. There’s something beautiful I always enjoyed about converse, and I’m starting to think it may be its accessibility to such a large array of different possible outfits.


Must Have: As the days become colder and colder, you’ll naturally be on the lookout for a pair of gloves that not only succeed in keeping your hands warm, but can match any outfits you’ll be curating. Treat yourself to the Gucci Leather and GG Diamond Gloves ($690) as not only will they be able to satisfy a need to look great, but their practicality shines through with a leather interior and warm fabric inserts.

The gloves are available in two variations, one being dominant in the red color spectrum and the other in the gray. Both seem beautiful, but I’d recommend the red variation as often winter outfits center around darker colors such as gray or black and the contrast of the red gloves will really help to make the accessories stand out.

This piece is truly the best of both worlds, as the double GG design print upon the gloves helps bring Gucci’s iconic brand recognition to light while still providing a product that material wise remains an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a pair of gloves this winter.


Industry Update: Five collaborative capsules later, iconic New York-retailer Bergdorf Goodman and Kith have returned. Including sweatpants, hoodies, and rugby shirts, the collection aims to “... build on [the duo’s] theme of modern luxury”, according to the official Kith site. Featuring a wide array of different colors, the sweatpants are presented in Scarlet Red, Navy and White. Far more effort than just a new color selection has been put into the fifth capsule, however. The new hoodies feature a fresh fabric composition of high quality english wool and brushback cotton fleece, while the rugby shirts are made of custom-milled 500 GSM brush cotton printed with a nice floral pattern. Prices can range from $160 for some of the hoodies, while pieces such as the rugby garment can go for $165. Continuing with the theme of Italian-American media, the capsule is modeled by Chazz Palminteri from the film A Bronx Tale. The collection was released on Monday, November 12th at all Kith shops and is currently available online at