Black Is Back

Hip-hop artist Jay-Z once rapped to “Get y'all black tees on. All black everything. Black cards, black cars. All black everything.” That was in 2009. Since then, black has faded out of the spotlight, at least in mainstream fashion. Now black is back, even in the suiting game, where black had become fashion’s equivalent of a can opener. You only realize you still have one when you go looking for it.

Since it’s acceptable – and, more importantly, fashionable – to wear a black suit to more than just sad occasions again, you should treat it like any other suit purchase. Focus on the fit. J. Crew has the best bang for the buck in the suiting game, and this black Ludlow slim version is no exception. Plus, it’s made of Italian wool, which should stand the test of time and be more advantageous than cotton that wrinkles, which looks even worse when it’s black. Continue with the rebounding versatility of black with this stretch poplin dress shirt from Burberry. When you want to spice it up, just roll up your sleeves and you get the classic – and uber popular – pattern from the iconic fashion house. Pair the shirt with a more modern take on the traditional black tie with this silk knit version found at Norstrom. You don’t have to be a ninja to wear this black belt from Perry Ellis. Its matte buckle adds a touch of swag. You certainly won’t sound like a ninja with these chunky sole black boots from H&M, but you’ll be able to kick some serious butt with these.

Start accessorizing this look with a minimalist watch from Michael Kors. It’s all black everything just like Jay-Z’s style. Store these all-black things into an A.P.C. black canvas duffel bag and keep your travel swag on point. Top it all off with a layer of Polo Double Black cologne, because double is always better. And double black is now like the best thing ever (again).