Bevel & The Revolution of Refined Grooming

Being well groomed is not without its merits of commitment, attention to detail and sacrifice. The tenets presented in the aforementioned are no more present than when it comes to the multi-technique art of shaving. There lies great commitment in shaving routinely, attention to detail to make sure a clean shave is not a bloody mess or butchered, and sacrifice. For black men specifically - or rather men with coarser hair textures - sacrifice is the choosing a clean shaven look in spite of the largely inevitable subsequent surfacing of ——, also known as ingrown hairs or more simply razor bumps. Well if this affliction is something all too familiar to you then congratulations you’ve come to the right place! 

Get off the bumpy road and shave smoothly with the starter kit from Bevel: a premium shaving system created by Walker & Company, a bourgeoning functional product conglomerate whose DNA lies in “making health and beauty simple for people of color.” Innovative in its presence in the men’s grooming market, Bevel caters to men with coarse curly hair texture. This particular entity’s most pioneering tool are the engineered blades that cut at the surface of the skin instead of beneath it. This distinction is integral as it allows for the skin to feel softer longer after a shave, as opposed to the common after effects of razor bumps. 

Bevel’s line of shaving product can be broken down into three key components that uniquely enhance the grooming process. 

Razor - “premium brass-weighted safety razor” is utilized with a single blade. What makes this distinctly effective for sensitive skin is that it removes the hair on the surface without double backing and taking hair from underneath the surface. The latter is often the source of the unwanted residual ingrown hairs, nicks, bumps, etc. 

Bevel Razor.jpg

Brush - a more skin restoring oriented way of applying shaving cream. The badger hairs on the brush are soft and lift the skin as you apply, in addition to exfoliating the skin upon application of the cream. This seemingly banal tool is quite the inventive feat as it considerately caters to the maintenance of your skin as it proficiently preps your imminent shave. 


  • Priming Oil - can you imagine a shaving preparatory substance that contains both castor and olive oil, traditional elixirs for the coarser hair grade and more melanated skin tone.


  • Shave Cream - get rid of the acid and fragrance filled gels and up the moisture in your pre-shave life with an aloe-vera based cream. Aloe-vera is a natural substance that works to thwart manifestations of bumps on the skin following a shave. Lather in organic goodness, and look cleaner longer. 


  • Restoring Balm - an alcohol free lotion that eliminates the stinging sensation upon application, and moisturizes the skin for a more soothing after-shave effect 

While the entire breadth of product assortment is available to purchase individually, a smart consumer will see optimal benefit from the Bevel Starter Kit subscription. At just $29.95 subscribers receive three months worth of product (of which include 20 blades, priming oil, shave cream and restoring balm) along with a refined appearing razor and brush. In addition to being well equipped, the optics of this set in its entirety are 100% Instagram post worthy. We’re still millennials after all. What’s even better is that every three months you will receive replenished blades and creams at your door step. Perfect for the young professional man constantly on the move. 

So go ahead and invest in a comprehensive shaving system that is at once fastidious in its devision and adept in its delivery of service form beginning to end, and then repeat!

GroomingMalique Morris