Good Grooming is Skin Deep

As the summer temperatures make your skin start to boil, your best defense is hydration. No, I’m not talking about drinking water, Gatorade or Sunny D. I’m talking about hydrating your skin. Unfortunately for us, humans aren’t plants. Actually, we may be fortunate in that regard, but we still can’t get that cleansing sensation just by throwing water on ourselves. To that end, real gentlemen start with taking care of their skin before taking care of their style; so before you start investing in your next article of clothing, ensure that your grooming game is on point. After all, it’s what’s underneath your wardrobe that counts.

That’s where The White Company’s Advanced Hydration Skin-Perfecting Moisturizer comes into play. Sure, it’s a mouthful to say, but all you have to do is put it on. Whether your skin is oily, sensitive, dry or just needs refreshing, this will help take care of that. It’s not called "Skin-Perfecting Moisturizer" for no reason. It balances out the natural moisture levels on your skin. The moisturizer also has Amazonian oils that nourish your skin back to life. I don’t know where The White Company finds this stuff, but it sounds amazing. Sign me up for two!

If you’ve never heard of The White Company, you’re not alone. The company’s founder Chrissie Rucker recognizes that while the name may not sound familiar, it’s been in the skin game for over two decades. And she likes to think of her company as “timeless style, not fast fashion” and “quality, not quantity, and an attention to detail in everything." That’s something we should all be able to relate to and certainly appreciate. Check out their site along with this moisturizer that’s rocking five-star reviews from top to bottom.

Without getting too deep into the ingredient list, it’s important to highlight that this advanced formula aims to make your skin look and feel like a million bucks (a young million bucks at that); but you don’t have to spend nearly that much. This magic in a bottle also casts an awesome spell to help those with sensitive skin as well. Plus, many soaps and face washes can dry your skin out in the shower, so starting off your day with the proper hydration will leave your skin thanking you for years to come. And you can use it daily without worrying about it drying out your skin or making it oily. Your suit can only do so much for you if your skin is being neglected. Like with most things in life, start from the inside out.