A Monument of Modern Menswear: Reiss

Photo curiosity Reiss

Photo curiosity Reiss

Since 1971, London’s maverick brand Reiss, has reached grandeur with honorary status. A product worn by celebrity and royalty alike — Kate Middleton amongst Alexander Skarsgard and Tom Hiddleston have all been sighted as brand ambassadors, showcasing Reiss' style on the streets. 

The history of David Reiss’s self-titled brand begins with menswear. A strict dedication to tailored suits, button-downs and trousers captivated women to the point of convincing the brand into womenswear. In the end, the label found a niche previously undiscovered. This pioneering moment revealed new territory. With a British heritage of tailoring infused with sportswear materials Reiss is a brand with a sharp vision for modern menswear. 

What began with David Reiss’ store opening in Bishopgate London, has developed into brand awareness from Harrods, Selfridges to New York’s Bloomingdales, all in accordance with the brand’s Manhattan store fronts located in the West Village’s Bleecker Street, Midtown East’s Madison Avenue and Soho’s West Broadway store, where Reiss launched its international business.

Average Price Range: Now is the time to suit up on your formal attire: suits, blazers and button downs included. Full suit sets that typically cost $850, suit jackets that average at $500 and suit trousers priced at $220, are now at a discounted price for up to half off.  Blazers average at a price of $520 as button downs range from $125- $210, settle at $160.00 and dress shirts starts at $135, but will usually cost a penny of $160. Invest your bottom dollar on these.

The Good: Button downs and knitted sweaters— in V-neck and collared styles— are personal favorites. These pieces carried an aura, as sweaters discounted for $50 gravitated a polished disposition and button downs denote a starchy, straightedge style.

Correspondingly, blazers marked down for $423 and trousers, $130 are always a strong suit of the brand’s selection. The snazzy suit and tie, bespoke aesthetic is a continued bequest that has carried through the brand’s advancements. Its style evidently smooth and skillful and its look materialize as if featured right out from a magazine's editorial. When shopping Reiss, quality is a given and contemporary style is offered without a single doubt.

The Bad: So then, if fashion has caught your fancy and shop you must, be sure to make the experience worth your while. Set your horizons on the sight of penny loafers $250, derby shoes $170 and Brogues $200. These styles appear more resilient in their impression and influence over the brand’s sneakers $240 and driving shoes $200.

Other areas to gauge your attention: pick pocket squares, $20 over ties skinny ties $76. In this accessories department the brand is working with interesting prints and manipulations with the cotton fabric. The ties are dull and appear outdated, but the pocket squares tap into a vintage vibe that is considerably trendy and in fashion by cult following.

Average Rating: 3 cufflinks: Be sure both your time and dollar is considered worth the investment. The West Broadways's store presentation— a pride of the brand’s business —  is an experience compared to relaxing in lounge aside Miami Beach on a summer's day. The wide glass double doors of the store project open, inviting shoppers to embrace the racks of its posh marketplace.

Yet, not everything that glitters is gold. As the brand take pride in the store’s presentation, it should never neglect its customer service. In this day and age, as rents sky rocket and online business boom, retailers need to understand that customers should have a reason to enter through their doors. During times of competitive market superficial smiles and greeting will not suffice; a successful business is built on clienteling. 

The team offered strong customer engagement, yet lacks authenticity, a substantial characteristic that invites guests back into the store. So in the end, three cufflinks are awarded: for the store's beautiful landscape reflects the standard of clothing, but misses the mark on customer focus.