Man On The Move: A Blue Sea of Clarity

Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2019

Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2019

Beautiful oceanic blues that embody as a sense of visual clarity, the looks of Todd Snyder’s spring/summer 2019 collection provide an excellent taste into an outfit that begs to be worn. Luckily for the consumer, recreation of Snyder’s pieces can be done so with an accurate respect to the original garment in reference.

Style Advice: Luckily, the simple water blue looks of Todd Snyder’s spring/summer 2019 collection can be broken down into its basic elements and turned into a simple checklist of achieving a truly refreshing look.

GANTS’ Cotton Piqué Blazer ($375) is an excellent garment to get you started on the right foot, as this softly tailored piece can match itself well with pants and accessories from other brands. Take Zara’s Blue Suit Pants ($80), for example. Although from a different brand, the electric blue pants bounce off the vibrant blazer and help establish a nice base of consistency before moving forward to any accessories. Make sure you grab the Urban Outfitter’s Cherry Blossom Japan Tee ($29) when rounding up your outfit to really capture that water reflecting waviness and provide a little bit of extra character in your undershirt.

What’s really going to tie this outfit together for you is the accessories, however. Finding a pair of shoes just slightly lighter than your tops for a little bit of necessary contrast could prove difficult, but luckily Zara has got you covered with the Zara Micro-Perforated Sneakers ($36). A lighter blue shoe drawing attention away from darker, almost navy colored blazers and shirts is truly what is going to sell the sense of extra effort and attention to detail within this outfit. While you’re sticking around this brand, be sure to grab the Zara Vintage Belt ($40) for a bit of extra brown which is really going to make the entire outfit pop.


Must Have: A possible mix of evolving their FW18 zodiac inspired jewelry and ready-to-wear collection with the french fashion brand’s founder Hubert De Givenchy’s love of the ferocious beasts, Givenchy is showing off its Leo print for men’s spring 2019 pieces in the form of Leo Printed Sneakers in Leather ($695).

The low-top sneakers play off a smooth black matte leather design with Leo on the outside of the foot, while the iconic GIVENCHY PARIS signature stays spelled across the back for blissful brand recognition. It is very fortuitous to find a shoe that not only attracts attention in the short term through its theme, but also becomes more desirable over time through its excellence at such a base level.

Givenchy has truly created a shoe which can strike a firm balance of street sensibility and upscale quality, resulting in a product that is not only accessible in its dark tone for a more every day use, but is held together by masterful quality materials which can only be found in the world of high-end fashion.


Industry Update: Christopher Raeburn, a British fashion designer known for re-purposing surplus fabrics such as military cloths into menswear, has been named as the new global creative director for Timberland. A brand known largely for its outdoor leaning attire, Timberland is set to assign production of footwear, accessories and apparel under Raeburn’s artistic supervision. Heard through industry murmurs, Raeburn’s addition to the Timberland team comes as a means to update the brand and become more progressive in the quickly changing landscape of fashion. Raeburn mentioned Timberland’s newly found willingness to take chances in an interview with Vogue, which he stated, “… by bringing someone like me, from a business where the point of what we do is to challenge and disrupt the industry… I think that’s an amazing endorsement of the way Timberland wants to change.” One of Raeburn’s first creative endeavors with the brand will be a full collection for mens and womenswear for the fall/winter 2020 season.