3 Simple Cures that Revives Skin

Iconica / Klaus Vedfelt

Iconica / Klaus Vedfelt

When you make use of the best products, beauty routines feel more like a pampering experience. Glycolic Cleanser, Serum and Umbarian Clay Mask: herein lies the answer to all your skin care problems. These luxe products offer that extra step towards a healthier skin.  Formulated from the best ingredients the items that follow take care of your skin and its problems without feeling like a chore.  Because at the end of the day, there is nothing better than “Treating yo self.”

1. Anthony’s Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Anthony , Anthony Brands is a passion project by Anthony Sosnick, a man with his sights on the grooming industry. By focusing on the well being of self, Anthony develops product from simple, natural ingredients and a business with a cause — donating to charities that also focus on the happiness and health of humanity.

Now, a brand of 15 years established by mindful, facial product for men, it is a small premise with big impact. Here is a product worth celebrating. The Glycolic Facial Cleanser ($28) is two in one. It is a daily facial cleanser and can work in conjunction with a shaving regimen. Containing a list of natural ingredients:  glycolic acid, aloe vera, vitamins A,C and E, calendula, and chamomile. These elements remove oil, pampers the skin to soften, nourish and hydrate the skin. It is a great complement to shaving. These ingredients work together to lift the hair, offering a more concentrated shave, in addition to eliminating razor burn and ingrown hairs.

2. Dr. Sebagh’s Serum Repair

He is a celebrity doctor, not quite like those with television stardom, but rather one with a client booking of the Hollywood beauts, the rick and the famous. Paris based Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, cosmetologist turned dermatologist is changing the way the world approaches day-to-day beauty routines. With a practice he terms as “age maintenance,” this international renowned skin care doctor has the solution to revitalizing your skin. In his practice, locations in both London and Paris, Dr. Sebagh uses a strategy that contains vitamins, collagen and Botox injections — a reputable formula conceived in 1994. Today, you can take his remedy to your home. Start with the doctor’s prescribed Serum repair and you will be on your way to preserving the vitality of your own skin.

Made to moisturize, and revive and restore, the Serum Repair ($92) is the skin care product that strengthens and then leaves skin looking radiant. Use the serum in the mornings before moisturizing. In the evenings, Dr. Sebagh recommends massaging the serum onto the face and neck so to allow these features a soft touch. For special occasions and weekend nights — apply the serum for ten minutes to get the skin in firm shape Apply this simple serum to your daily routine to add an instant ablaze to your completion. In evening, With glowing reviews, this product will enhance collagen levels and preserve the skin's natural moisture, to ensure a fresh look to the face.

3. Fresh’s Umbarian Clay Treatment Bar

Fresh is a Boston based beauty company dedicated to natural ingredients and beautifully scented products. Since 1991, founders Alina Roytberg and Lev Glazman have carried a company concerned with beauty products created out from tradition and designed with modern technology in mind.

Fresh shares this sensibility by unpacking the beauty of the Umbarian Clay, an unearthed material used to cleanse the skin into a balanced completion. Umbarian, a sediment originally discovered in Italy, is acclaimed as a purifying treatment remedy that works wonders for oily, acne ridden skin. Fresh’s Umbarian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar ($40) serves to calm, revitalize skin cells, remove toxins and imperfections of the skin. For recommended use, introduce the bar to pre-rinsed skin. Allow the clay to dry against the skin for five minutes, before rinsing. This will offer the ultimate deep cleansing experience. Additionally, for its best perseverance, store bar in a dry space. 

The process towards acne cured, regenerated skin can come without drudgery. Learn from these grooming products, produced with the clean ingredients they unbury the benefits of restored, healthy looking skin.