The 3 Grooming Essentials Needed to Start your Everyday

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The best grooming products are created by the simplest solutions. They are affordable to the hard working pocket and require an un-complicating routine to our ever-busy modern lifestyles. The optimal routine imagined would be to spend less on the best solution. For naturally, these solutions including moisturizer and face creams will constantly demand replenishment. So, you should be spending your higher dollar on the tools that depend on these products. Brushes and razors — a shaving kit are those pieces that should last a lifetime. Consider it an investment.  Let’s get back to the basics — these are the every day products that should be on your radar, that is, if they aren’t already a part of your daily regimen.  


1. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, $58.

Kiehl’s is arguably the best beauty brand on the market right now, and for a well-deserved reason: it is also regarded as one with a history of apothecary. A Family-run business established in downtown Manhattan, Kiehl’s made its start as a business— for the people— in the East Village. The year of 1961 would create a new market for the company. This was the year they launched men’s product. This new tapped market was revolutionary and has developed business for the brand ever since.

Kiehls’ Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash is among the men's products worth your attention. Its list of ingredients offers a boost of energy to start your day: invigorated with menthol, a cooling agent, caffeine to reduce the sight of inflammation and vitamin E, a vigor vitamin used to recover skin damage and advance anti-aging processes. These ingredients are minimal, an assemblage that gives your skins what it needs first thing in the day — to wake up! The trendiest beauty shop in New York has your morning routine figured out. 


2. Truefitt & Hill's Regency Shaving Brush, $120.

The history of Truefitt & Hill is told from the personal account made in barbershops across England. At the attention to supporting a gentleman’s efforts to create their classic looks of old, Truefitt basically invented just how to spot an honorable man. Renowned as the oldest barbershop, Truefitt opened its doors in 1805, and has since serviced a laundry list of guests. Appointments made with the Monarchs of Great Britain, Frank Sinatra and Oscar Wilde speaks to its class. When you treat your morning routine as a craft, it becomes hardly a chore, but rather, an art.

The renowned Regency Shaving Brush is a badger brush, the primer style of grooming brushes. It is built with many benefits. The name refers to the type of hair, a badger's hair used as the bristles of the brush. Not only does badger hair fashion a sophisticated look, but it naturally carries heat and stays consistently firm, even when touched by water, characteristics designed for a better shave. The strength of the bristles maximizes the extent to how shaving cream is lathered in preparation for a shave. This is a classic, “Old-fashioned” expert’s product.  Also Made in Britain, the Regency Shaving Brush is a symbol of a gentleman – if that isn’t convincing, then class is out of session. 

3. The Art of Shaving's Unscented Shaving Cream, $25.

The Art of Shaving is here to revolutionize the way men approach grooming. A New York based company built by an anonymous voice of experts provide a wealth of resources to uncomplicate the routine of shaving. Dedicated to simple, well-crafted tools and organically based products for everyday life, consider this brand as a helping hand. The Art of Shaving wants to transform you into the sharpest gent into town — both in mind and matter.

The Unscented Shaving Cream is among the top shelf of products offered by these suppliers. This simple, base product is created from a mixture of practical organic ingredients — essential oils and extracts — in addition to glycerin and coconut acid; these features enable a smooth shave free from skin irritation and resulting in a soft, hydrated skin. This cream is an essential. A soft smell keeps your routine practical and compensates with an abundance of product at your purchase, the Unscented Shaving Cream is a condition for any grooming routine.

The brand also offers a handy replenishment system. This is a plan that goes to show how much the brand understands the necessity of  such a product. The Art of Shaving Replenishment Service is a payment plan that provides you with a re-stock of your product at a discounted price. This way, the art of shaving feels more like a luxury. 

Facial Cleanser, the badger brush and shaving cream are the grooming essentials needed to jump-start your day. These products are an investment; for they are designed help you look and feel your very best. That’s the benefits of these products. They promote good mornings. It is now a luxury to wake up and treat yourself. This is the art of grooming.