Y-3 Spring/Summer 2018


The kind of partnership Yohji Yamamoto and the design team at Adidas have is the perfect example of hitting the jackpot when it comes to collaborations. The meeting of minds between two polar opposites can sometimes provide inconsistent and awkward results. But the synergy of Yamamoto's subversive, avant-garde approach with the mass, athletic world of Adidas has proven to be a commercially successful venture. Launched almost 15 years ago, way before the hyper-streetwear phenomenon really took shape, Y-3 was one of the first to tap in to the idea of adding fashion credibility to workout gear. Other partnerships and collaborations have since sprung up between legacy sports brands and fashion designers, but this label's authenticity and believability separates it from the rest. Their men's offering continues to produce desirable, practical and stylish casual performance gear for all types of activities and scenarios. This collection in particular channels all the energy of Yamamoto's Eastern urban flair with Adidas's knack for technical ease. The crisp, white structured shapes are incredibly modern, especially the monochromatic getups. Boxy white shorts with black piping, elongated t-shirts and cropped fluid trousers will no doubt add flavor to the active man's foundation of street gear and workout essentials. Shoes, the cash cow of Adidas, have always evolved and innovated with the times and the many black/white iterations presented here are no exception.

RunwayMario Abady-3